Makeup tips

You don’t have to be a professional to know few tips and tricks of makeup. I mean it finally hit me…instead of wallowing in self pity I decided  to rather read and learn them on my own. I have being a makeup fail over the years, people literarily look at me and shake their heads, LOL, learn the shape of your face  what colours flatter you, how much to apply and how to apply it.

Here are some few tricks I follow, but don’t get me wrong, my make up is a work in progress.

1. Use a plastic spoon to easily apply mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any on your skin, under the eyes.

2. In order to apply blush where it will be most flattering on you, determine your face shape. I have a round face so I apply blush a little below my cheek bones, in this way the blush defines my cheek bones.

3. Apart from sweeping a layer of concealer to the under eye area to conceal the bags, apply a darker shade to the puffy area.

4. How to create highlights, this part is a very important step when you are aiming to get a perfectly beautiful makeup. I ll recommend to get the full steps. Lighter colours like white or cream should be put into the inner corners of the eye first before darker ones, at the middle of the eyes and under the brow bone too

5. Make the best of your eyeshape with careful placemment of shadows, determine what shapes you have and make it appear wider, closer, bigger etc.

6. One secret I learnt among others is that to make my eyes appear bigger, I line my water line with a white pencil, instead of a darker one.

7. This is mostly common among white people, I must try it one day…it’s that to look as if you are not wearing any makeup at all line right between your lashes to make the bases thicker.

8. The key to making your eyeshadows pop is to apply a white base, use a white eyeliner to cover your entire lid before applying the colour of your choice.

9. To keep your eyeliner behaving, instead of checking every now and then sweep pressed (or loose) powder under the eyeliner on your bottom lid, it prevents the eyeliner from traveling downward.

10. Yaaaay the lip cheat. I wondered how some girls get flower lips after rubbing lipstick, then I figured line your lips just outside your natural line, slightly. Then blend.

Like I said I have not exactly tried every step but I will and I ll post them here. Stay glued.

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