Classy— A females View

Miss chichi is a wonderful mentor to me and to other aspiring bloggers



A lot of people define themselves as being classy just because they wear expensive clothes but you also need to have the behaviour that goes along with being classy. Its more about your personality and how to carry yourself. It is self discipline and self knowledge. You don’t have to be well dressed or have a lot of money to look classy. Being classy comes from the inside. It is your actions, reactions, facial expressions, ability to take a compliment, decline an invitation and overall on how you carry yourself in life. As far as clothes go, find your own sense of style that you can celebrate later and as well as now, not doing what others do and look trashy in it. Women keep hearing over and over from guys in different situations that men want to date and have relationships with classy women. Indeed being classy is an…

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