A cherished antidote to aspirational fashion magazines readers no longer relate to”

The fashion blogosphere is made up of all kinds of blogs which enables designers sell their products,people publish their opinions, and it gives readers one or two ideas about what to wear to an event or where to buy a product and how to wear a particular style of dressing. Fashion blogs may be owned by individuals or companies and as I read,is proverbially hard to break into unless you are well-connected or rich.

Firstly,what is meant by fashion blogging? “A fashion blog talks about specific items of clothing accessories, hair accessories, what celebs are wearing, street fashion,etc. Fashion blogs are meant to cover specific aspects of fashion, from largest to smallest fashion houses or independent designers. To be honest, fashion has made a great impact on people and in the multi billion dollar fashion industry such that ordinary people tend to rely on one or two things they get from specific blogs, like how to be both trendy and classy at the same time, how to get the right approval in different combinations or what and what-not to wear.

Fashion blooging is like the ‘Accupressure’ to the business of fashion in that it helps designers, sellers or retailers promote their wears, designs products or new ideas. It also helps them seek public opinions, awareness and perception. Many fashion blogs could also be categorised as shopping blogs since “most of their conversations is shopping advice”. Other blogs focus on fashion advice for the lay reader, discussing clothes, matching colours, complimentary colours and en vogue standards.

The influence of fashion blogging

As I said earlier, fashion blogs influence people in so many ways such as how to keep up with style,how to drop that 90s look, how to follow trends, what trends to follow, how to mix-match outfits, what colours are good for complimenting,  how to dress for an occasion etcetera. Nowadays, bloggers have really gained ‘celebrity status’ for themselves, brands have also began partnering with them for marketing efforts since they are faces consumers could relate to. They would use them as faces for campaign, as brand ambassadors etc. Nowadays little girls no longer look into their mothers magazines for style advice. Instead they replace vogue as the voice of fashion. “Massacre of the magazine and the rise of the blogger” as its called. “Print is dead” -the new era of the blogosphere. Through posting, reading and commenting, the blog-based fashion is open to anyone with a computer. Trusting recommendations that come from readers.

What is rotten about fashion blogging

To be very honest the fashion blogosphere is a bit too crowded, nowadays people just post crappy pictures of what they wore to,say, dinner, church or wedding. Note the key word ‘crappy’. Sometimes bloggers post contradictory shopping or fashion advice, thereby misleading readers. About 4-5 years ago, bloggers were gaining tremendous popularity because of their fun and uncensored opinions, A cherished antidote to aspirational fashion magazines readers no longer relate to. Also back then, each blogger had a distinct voice. They wore completely different outfits, you don’t see the same handbag popping up on every other blog. They didn’t have to run to the store just because a blogger referenced them in their blog, only for you to buy the same set of stuffs and post them on their own blogs. Nowadays every girl on instagram has her own little fashion blog only because they go to the store every now and then, or because they learnt one or two things about mixing and matching outfits or because they did grey braids today, or because they wore NIKE shoes, or because their bff is a fashion blogger. Some of them even tend to go beyond fashion advice to give motivational advice.

“inspiration is the soul of fashion” . A blogger once said “fashion blogging is no longer about individuality but about mediocrity, its about fitting in with the cool crowd and it has become unabashedly commercial”. Bloggers receive products as gift and get paid to promote them. Its really hard to be honest about something that was gotten for free.

Another thing we must know about fashion bloggers is that they don’t really talk about fashion. They sell an aspiration, one can’t possibly put on an Alexander McQueen top, a Michael kors sun shades, a Celine bag, Nike shoes just to take a few snapshots and ‘go back home’. That’s not reality.

I know a few bloggers that literarily return 90 percent of what they feature on their sites, some even go into debt trying to chase a brand that someone else posted and then try not to Alienate that brand so as to get a good relationship with them.

Lastly, fashion bloggers know little about fashion, in fact they should be called ‘shopping bloggers’ because they go shopping and tell you what they bought simply because they are shopaholics and want to show off their stuffs just to make you feel jealous or to gain recognition in the fashion industry. So if someone posts a ‘Rihanna met-gala inspired dress’ online you should be able to identify that they may have a good body for those dresses but they certainly wouldn’t know how to dress up ur own body.

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