WARNING : Fast food can kill you

IMG_20150725_133948The term fast food is the name given to any kind of food that is prepared quickly and served quickly. It can also be used to describe food that is sold in a restaurant, food stand, or moving vehicles with pre-heated and pre-cooked ingredients and then served in packages called take away. The history of fast foods dates back to ancient Rome, where people depend on food vendors for their meals. They also bought food such as bread, meat or fish from food stands.

IMG_20150725_134031In Nigeria, fast food is not strange to anyone, as they are restaurants frequently visited during festive periods or ordinary days. During festive periods, anybody can go to a fast food restaurant, low income earners go there with friends or family to celebrate the season or birthday of a loved one.

1. It’s is convenient and accessible: Almost all workers have lunch breaks in between work, when they do, they don’t have a choice but to visit a fast food restaurant . Here, they can get ready made food that they either take back to work or eat in and at affordable prices too. This frequent visits by workers is because it’s everywhere and it’s available at any time of the day.

2. Fast foods are budget friendly: some fast foods come with prices that can easily fit into your budget while others don’t.

3. They offer on the go meals: people prefer eating fast foods while working, driving or watching a movie. Also, some works either don’t have time to go out for lunch or don’t have lunch breaks at all, in this case, they send messengers to get lunch at fast food eateries because it’s ready made and offer on-the-go services. I mean Who wants to eat Semo and efo riro at work right?

4. Faster than making meals at hime: people Who don’t have time to cook before or after work rely on fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, people Who are running late for work or people Who are so busy with one thing or the other fall under this category. Also, people Who can’t cook are dependent on fast food too.

Now I find fast food very fascinating and surprisingly contented. But like I always say what ever has a Jing must have a Jang. The following are the reasons why you musnt eat fast food everytime.

1.  It’s an encroachment on your finances: fast foods maybe budget friendly but they can encroach on your finances, by buying fast food everyday, you are spending money constantly, money that should have being spent on something else. For example, you have a budget for a week and in this budget, you didn’t include fast food, now by buying fast food 3 times that week, you have slashed budget so you will have to cross something’s off your list.

2. Insubordination: I for one, I think eating fast food everyday is gross insubordination and the highest level of indiscipline. Cut that crap about not being able to cook before going to work, cook a delicious meal the night before and throw it in the freezer, when you’re leaving for work the next day microwave it and eat something Abeg, and Who says you can’t eat Semo and efo riro at work? In fact when you do, others will emulate you. Yes, fast food is, mama put is also available any time, you just need to know the right place (shout out to Iya Sule).

3. As a woman, eating fast food is detrimental to your marital status: as a woman going to fast foods regularly can say alot about who you are and what kind of men will approach you. There’s a saying that goes thus ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and do you intend to push fast food down his stomach? Or won’t it sound funny if he sits down to eat dinner and he’s served meat pie in a plate? LMAO. So as a woman you should be able to cook, push healthy meals down your husband’s throat.

Why Fast food is detrimental to your health:


  • Trans fat and saturated fat: Most fast food menus are high in fat, trans fat or saturated fat and too much fat intake causes obesity, dial it down a notch if you don’t want to be obese. Trans fat makes food taste good and last longer on grocery shelves but it’s relatively dangerous to your health, it raises bad cholesterol level in the body and reduces the food cholesterol that protects us from hear disease, it also increases inflammation.
  • Extra Calories: Some fast foods have high calories, for example Soda is a huge source of hidden calories. Calories are the measure of energy generated from food once inside the body, and weight loss can be achieved as a result of energy input = energy output, but if energy input don’t equal energy output, excessive weight gain occurs a contributing factor of heart disease so for some of us that don’t work out our body regularly, we must reduce the amount of calories that go in.
  • Blood sugar spike: The digestive system breaks down carbohydrates to glucose which it then releases into the blood stream, the pancreas then releases an hormone called insulin which transports the glucose to different cells that require them (like the muscle cells) there by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood. But if glucose level is too much the pancreas can only take few at a time, there becomes a spike in blood sugar level, this leads to type 1 diabetes.
  • Dehydration: Fast food menus contain sodium (salts), increased sodium in the blood results into Hypernatremia and it begins to excrete water from the body through the kidney. This causes dehydration and ultimately necrosis (cell death)
  • Depression: a study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition showed that processed foods such as cake, doughnuts, croissants, pizza, hamburgers, hotdog, meat pie etc may be linked to depression. People Who eat fast food regularly are likely to be 5 times more depressed that people who don’t.
  • Acne: it’s not chocolate that should be blamed for acne, ratherbits carbohydrates, according to Mayor Clinic. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels and also triggers acne in the process.

Conclusively, most people prefer eating fast foods because of it’s accessibility, availability, affordability and even taste. But to stay healthy, we must watch our food intake and way of life.

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