So after days of thinking and researching and also from my experiences as a woman, I have finally been able to draw up a list of what women want from their men. Believe me, every woman wants different things from their men, a thousand things. If he can give 50% it’s enough but if he can’t, then that’s too bad.

  1. HAPPINESS : every body deserves to be happy. Every Good woman deserves happiness, we all want a man that will give us this happiness and that will make us feel on top of the world in every possible way. If showering your girl with gifts will make her happy, then do it. Some women prefer surprise packages; surprise vacation, surprise birthday etc. It’s not being materialistic, it’s all about happiness. As a real man, it’s your duty to find whatever makes your woman happy and do it. Remember, happiness is key, any woman that finds happiness in her man won’t go around searching for a better man.
  2. RESPECT : very important something. Because you are the man in the relationship doesnt make your partner inferior to you. The word says ‘partners’ which means equal, no one is lesser than the other. Try not to belittle your girlfriend around your friends just because you are trying to show that you are in control. Respect your girl especially when she is with her friends or family members, that’s really important. If you ask your girl to do something and she couldn’t get around to doing it, don’t yell or blame her, instead try to understand her. This will work for you both.
  3. HONESTY : (but not too much of it). Honesty from both parties is one of the keys to having a really successful relationship. A woman doesn’t want her man to lie to her neither does a man. He must be honest and come clean about things. If you are open to your girlfriend, she won’t keep secrets from you. She wants to know the things that are going on in your life and wants you to trust her with it. A man that shares his life matters with his woman shows that he absolutely trusts her. She wants to be an important part of your life and for this to happen you must be as clear as glass.
  4. LOYALTY : every woman wants a man who sees the best in her, she might not be the most beautiful or the smartest woman on earth, and she knows that, but she wants you to think that she is. As a real man, it’s your duty to make your woman feel that she is the best thing that has ever happened to you. She wants to be considered your best and she wants you to allot her that title. She doesnt have to be scared or worried about competing with other women.
  5. UNDERSTANDING : Understanding is vital. Having someone understand you is having someone to completely know you for Who you really are. We all want a man that understands us, even when we don’t speak he understands our silence. Sometimes, understanding and trust go hand in hand. They can mean the same thing. Don’t say you love your woman and then go around to accusing her of doing something with another guy. Trust me if a good woman says she loves you, she does, she won’t fall in love with another man. It’s okay to ask your girl if you are having suspicions, but straight up accusation is bad.
  6. TAKE CHARGE : every girl loves a man that takes charge, or takes control of any situation whatsoever. But be a man that takes charge without being bossy, remember, it’s not about you. Taking charge means taking control of any problem your woman comes to you with, a problem with an ex, work place challenges etc. Don’t point accusing fingers, do this and you will sweep her off her feet.
  7. CARE : This is also a very important aspect in building a successful relationship. A woman needs to be cared for because being cared for means not to be alone in this world. You can do this several ways like calling, popping up in her house, checking up on her even if you have a busy schedule or showering her with gifts, among other things. She wants you to be there for her when she needs you. To top it all, a woman wants a man that will maker her life easier and to share her burden.
  8. INTELLIGENCE : An intelligent man is the key to a successful and long lasting relationship. Who wants a dummy for a partner? Men like smart women, women that will assist them in attaining success, so do women. Women want a man that’s always on his feet, a man that has knowledge about most things. In fact some women go for extremely intelligent men.
  9. A MAN WHO CAN RAISE A FAMILY : This means that you are a man that cherishes family, that will go to any length to keep his family, a man that loves his children. Almost every woman fantasize about being with a man that will turn out to be the father of her children. Every woman likes to have a man that treat kids well and they look forward to what kind of a father you will be.
  10. A GOOD LOOKING GUY : This is a vital quality, really important. Good looks attracts the ladies, tall dark and handsome, big, or light-skinned, whichever way they come, we cherish you always. Just have a good skin, have god dress sense and stay fly all the time.
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