Top 6 things that will make you happy

IMG_20151109_182752Happiness is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of well being. The road to finding happiness can either be smooth or difficult depending on the path you choose to pass. Find what makes you happy and do it. Narrowing down the things that bring you happiness is quite healthy and if you can’t get around to it, no worries, I have already done that for you.

  1. Hang out with friends and family: surround yourself with good, loyal friends that wish you well and with family members. There is nothing more therapeutic and more comforting than being around our loved ones. It’s okay to get mad at them as long as you remember how much they really mean to you. Don’t forget the saying that goes “the love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege”. They are God’s gift to you as you are to them, family isn’t always blood, but are people you want in your life and Who wants you in theirs, the ones Who accept you for Who you are and will do anything to see you smile.
  2. Be healthy: our lifestyles determines how healthy we can, be so eat healthy, exercise and sleep well, remember lack of sleep is the cornerstone of all diseases. Health is wealth if you are healthy you have something less to worry about. No spending money on hospital bills or buying drugs.
  3. Vacations: everybody loves vacations, they can be relaxing. Going on holidays help to induce general happiness. Studies have shown that taking holidays once or twice a year can help one feel focused at work, happier and less stressed.
  4. Be successful: the road to achieving your dreams may be very overwhelming, during this time, things will get a lot complicated. But once you go for success and become successful you will become happy seeing that all is well. So in order to achieve what we want to achieve and be happy, we must work hard.
  5. Money: money can’t buy happiness, but can certainly buy the things that can make you happy. If you can use your money to make a difference in other people’s lives, however small, it will surely make you happy. Happiness may not be tied to monetary values but it can certainly make you feel comfortable, you won’t go hungry or broke, you can afford to buy anything you need e.g clothes, shoes, video games, makeup etc. Pay your debts, go on a trip, hit the cinema or even trip your friends or parents out, (they ll love it) and seeing them happy makes you happy.
  6. Marriage: marriage itself contributes to happiness, a good marriage will bring you happiness, you have a partner to share your pains, worries, joy, success with in every dimension. Although its not just marriage that makes you happy but a good marriage will make you happy. Seeing your spouse as your best friend will help you have a successful and happy marriage. Also being in a healthy relationship brings happiness all you have to do is to Just trust your partner.

When we are happy, we exude positive energy and people are more likely to want to be around us. Being happy also means that we are able to rise above our troubles and worries and still be in a healthy state of mind.


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