List of things to do before getting married

IMG_20151111_222152Everyone dreams of getting married to their loved ones and having a successful and great marriage. But to have a successful marriage it all depends on what we have been able to do before saying “I do”

  1. Get a job: before getting married, make sure your finances are in order. It’s really important to secure your finances before getting married, you can’t plan a wedding without having enough money otherwise it crumbles down, and that will be a disaster. Also, you don’t want to run around looking for a job after your wedding or submitting applications here and there, can be totally stressful. A man must be capable of taking care of his family financially and it’s the job of the woman to assist him.
  2. Figure out why you want to get married: are you planning to get married simply because there’s so much pressure on you by family, or because every other person is doing it, or because you like the idea of getting married? These few questions are what you should ask yourself before planning a wedding. Ask yourself if you really want to spend the rest of your life with them and are you capable of handling what comes up next? If you can find genuine answers to these questions then all is set.
  3. Know who your partner really is: how long have you being courting and what do you know about them? Knowing your partner very well before tying the knot is very crucial. It helps you communicate well and better understand each other. You must know the kinds of moods that they have, what makes them happy or sad etc.
  4. Make sure it’s a mutual agreement: you don’t want to go into marriage with someone that isn’t ready, don’t force your partner into marriage just because you like the idea of a fancy wedding. Make sure your partner agrees with you and is satisfied with the idea. You both have your goals and dreams, does theirs interfere with yours? Set up a plan you both agree on.
  5. Come clean about everything: whatever secrets you have being hiding over the years now is the time to come clean. Whatever you know can hurt them when they find out on their own you’d better tell them the whole truth. Come clean about everything, whatever happened in your past relationships, an ex-boyfriend you never talked about etc. In general, things you don’t want coming out after you two are married.
  6. Talk about religion: are you on the same page with your partner about your religious beliefs? If you are on opposite pages then make sure you discuss it before hand on how you will handle it so that it doesn’t affect you in the future.
  7. Talk about children: before venturing into marriage, ask your partner if they are in the same page with you about having children, you must also discuss their upbringing and how you will both take part in their lives.
  8. Live alone: living alone helps you to know who you really are and to know if you can actually live with yourself, because if you can’t live with yourself how will you be able to live with your partner? Living alone for a while before getting married can also help you to understand how to handle every responsibility that comes with it.
  9. Meet your partner’s family: because you are not only marrying him/her but their entire family and you will want to know them very well as well as them knowing you. Also, you must know who your partner is around their family members. Someone once said that as a woman, if your man supports his mother all the time during a disagreement then you have a problem, as it will continue to be so when you are married.
  10. Marry someone you trust: finally, make sure you and your partner trust each other. Your trust game should be very strong, I.e. build a strong relationship on trust, don’t marry someone that accuses you of doing something with an opposite sex or gives you headache about the people you hang out with etcetera.


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