How to handle haters

IMG_20151116_120021Haters Will always hate, that’s one thing you should know, when people show hatred or jealousy towards you it’s usually because they feel inferior to you. People also hate on you if they are jealous of your success and the only way they can respond is by expressing negativity towards you. It’s very important to know how you must deal with these kind of people, below are 5 major steps, you can thank me later.

  1. Ignore them: when haters hate, don’t validate their feelings by responding to them, it could be hard to do, but it’s the right approach. They are envious of you, so they find the smallest mistakes in your actions and attack by toning out negative comments. The best thing to do is to not pay attention to their foolishness.
  2. Avoid them: surround yourself with loyal friends and people with common goals. As they support you and cheer you own, your interactions with negative people Will be reduced. This helps you to completely ignore them. Another thing is changing your environment completely so that the less they see you, the less they know what is going on in your life and the less likely they are to express their negativity towards you.
  3. Don’t let it get to you: at first, listen to them and find out if there’s any truth in what they are saying, other than that, go about your daily life and don’t let their negativity get to you, be confident in yourself and focus on the people that support you.
  4. Don’t retaliate: dignifying your haters with a response only goes to show that you care about what they are saying and that there’s a glimmer of truth in it. When haters hate, they simply want response so if you do, you are giving them what they want. Don’t bother yourself about hating back because at the end, they will always be what they are-haters.
  5. You owe them nothing: you don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anybody not to talk of your haters. You don’t owe them anything, it’s absolutely not your fault that hate you. So don’t apologize or try to please them because no matter what you do, haters will always hate.IMG_20151116_120124IMG_20151116_120152
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