Top 12 motivational quotes that will change your life

New Year is fast approaching,we all need something to gear us up,luckily that’s why I’m here.

  1. He that makes peaceful changes impossible will make violent changes inevitable.
  2. When others are grumbling that roses have thorns,be glad that your thorns have roses.
  3. Give time it’s own time,try to be patient and calm in life,someday your time will come.
  4. Money is numbers and numbers never end,so if it takes money for you to be happy your search for happiness will never end.
  5. Work for a cause not for applause,live to express not to impress.
  6. Work according to your dreams, don’t dream according to your work.
  7. We are defined by the decisions we make.
  8. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you move forward.
  9. Empty pockets teach you a million things in life, but full pockets will spoil you in a million ways.
  10. If you want to be good at your job you must learn to love your work.
  11. You cannot count things that aren’t there,the best thing is to enjoy what you have already earned.
  12. It’s of no use to spread a net when the bird you want to catch is already watching.
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