10 Small Scale Businesses you can do

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is baffling, one will not be doing himself any good by waiting for the government to fulfill their promises about job creation. The sad thing is that Universities produce graduates every year, in fact I will say the number of universities that have sprung forth in Nigeria is more than the number of students seeking admission. So for this reason, I implore every unemployed youth to create something for themselves and stop waiting to be called for interviews by companies that clearly don’t need employees. In my quest to create a job for myself, I looked around my environment and turned to the internet to gather business ideas that could thrive well, my search for knowledge birthed this piece of writing and now I am hoping that after reading this you will be able to create for yourself a dream job. Below are 10 small scale businesses you can do. 

1. Social media marketing: Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc. to promote products and/or services. It utilizes social networking sites as a marketing tool. Breaking it down, let’s say you have a social media account, instagram for example, with a good number of active followers, all you have to do is to advertise products and services for brands for a not-so-ridiculous fee. By doing this, you attract potential buyers to the brand and you get paid. Make sure that your account is professional as it can be. 

2. Bulk SMS services : this is the dissemination of text messages to a large number of mobile phone terminals at the same time. It’s used by brands, businesses, media enterprises, banks,  schools etc for variety of purposes. It’s simply mobile marketing because you are sending information to a large number of recipients at the same time. To start, register with a bulk SMS wholesaler who will give you SMS units and provide you with SMS re-selling platforms. 

3.Football viewing centres:  Nigerians love football, therefore, you can use this to your own advantage and effectively as well. The cost of watching matches at home is high for some people and some love to watch matches in company of their club supporters, this means they can go extra miles to watch football. All you need to do to solve this problem is to simply open a viewing center. First, find a suitable space, the bigger the space, the more customers you have. Next is you need good seats preferably wooden benches, you also need a standby generator, businesses that aim to thrive well in Nigeria don’t depend on electricity. So, invest in good quality generator for constant power supply incase of power failure. You also need a ceiling/standing fan, 2-3 TV sets so that you can show different matches at a time, DSTV decoder and monthly subscription. 

4.Resumé/CV writing: Prospective employers are usually inclined to hire employees based on the way their CVs are constructed, therefore, writing a ‘killer’ CV is an essential step to landing one’s dream job. If you are capable of writing one of these ‘killer’ CVs that sure won’t drive the HR manager away, take up this job and if you deliver, you will attract clients in days. 

5.Catering Services: this is a lucrative business in Nigeria, everyday somewhere in the country, people celebrate for one reason or the other. As a caterer, you must have all the facilities and expertise needed in order to deliver quality services to your clients, provide indoor and outdoor services, know what food to prepare for what occasion, have in depth knowledge about cooking, serving, table services. Finger foods, cocktails etc are additional advantages. 

6.Make up: this is also a profitable job. To be a successful make up artist requires you to be certain things like social, creative, readily available to move around, travel to meet clients, have an extensive knowledge on the art of makeup and all other necessary stuff. On average, make up artists make close to 50,000 naira in a day. 

7.Blogging/Content creation: A blogger is a person who writes a blog, a blog is an online journal that a writer uses to share his or her ideas, opinions, experiences and thoughts. A blogger can freely express themselves on the internet, write about a given topic, write fiction and non-fiction stories, novels or biographies. A blogger must have a target audience. Companies, products or brands hire people to develop their blogs, this is known as content creation only that it’s not limited to blogging alone. A content creator contributes information to any media for an end-user or an audience. To be a successful content creator, you must be able to create great contents that generates traffic to the media. 

8.Mobile food vending: Selling yummy foods on the go just got easier. Make sure to pack your truck with mouthwatering foods such as ice cream, smoothies, chocolates, burger, bread and other finger licking foods. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to pay for space, when you have made enough for the day, you simply drive yourself home. 

9.Computer training centre: This job is only good for a computer literate and someone that has extensive knowledge in computer application packages, web design, graphics design and any others. Get a space preferably in a commercial area, get chairs and tables, with sets of computers for your students. 

10.Faahion designing:  if you already have professional training in fashion design, you could go into making ready-made wears and sell them to customers or you can make bespoke dresses. It’s important that you make the clothes neat enough, not looking shabby or homemade so that your customers will come back the second time.  

Almost all of these business require one to get knowledge first before venturing into any of them. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you cannot set up a business today and expect returns immediately, you must undergo a waiting period. I hope you find your dream job. 


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