10 Evil philosophies you must avoid

Evil philosophies are life long philosophies or principles that hinder our mindsets and limit our success levels. In order to achieve worthy goals and have good success, we must eradicate negative beliefs, some of these philosophies are listed below:

1. Half bread is better than none –   ask yourself, why must you settle with half bread when you can get a full bread or have an entire bakery? 

2. A bird in hand is worth thousands in the bush– there are thousands of birds in the bush and in the air, go ahead and catch one thousand.

3. What goes up must come down– not everything that goes up comes down, if you must know, age, time, years go up everyday and they never come down, except food prices.

4. Let sleeping dogs lie– if you don’t attack something head on, it will disturb you later, what you fail to deal with now will come back and hunt you in the nearest future.

5. What will be will be– that’s a lazy Man’s approach to life. What will be will not be until you make it be. Instead of waiting why not take the reins and control the situation?

6. All fingers are not equal- this is a statement made by those who give up, all fingers might not be equal but you are not a finger, God has created our destinies to be equal and He has blessed each one of us with our success ingredients, so start cooking.

7. He who laughs last laughs best– Don’t be deceived, laugh always, be enthusiastic towards your set goals. Enthusiasm improves your personality.

8. Don’t bite more than you can chew- bite a whole lot of information and store them up, you can then start to apply them one after the other, be like camels, they store up large quantities of food inside of them and eat it gradually.

9. If you can’t beat them you join them–  if you can’t beat them teach them, inform them, set examples for them and mentor them, don’t join the band wagon, otherwise, you get the same results they are getting.

10. The patient dog eats the fastest bone- nope, this philosophy doesn’t apply to the now. The patient dog starves to death, if you wait too long what belongs to you will pass you by.

There are many more negative beliefs that are limiting people, preventing them from activating their full potentials, change your beliefs and question some principles and witness a major turn around in your life.

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