Planning is a vital step in achieving our set goals, without proper planning, no vision/dream or goal can be achieved. Almost everybody has a set goal, an ideal future or a big dream, but all these are unattainable if you fail to plan. There is a general saying that goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Planning also means strategizing or taking command. At the tender age of 21, Alexander the great became the ruler of all greece, he did proper planning, strategized and started to plan how he would conquer the world after becoming the ruler of Macedonia shortly after his father’s death, he was able to achieve that dream just because he had a vision.

-Have a vision- how big is your vision? is it big enough to scare you? create your ideal future in your mind. Live and think as if you are already living your dream. Visualize your goals as intensely and as frequently as you can, don’t stop until it becomes a living, breathing picture in your mind.

-Write down your goals- It has been known that written goals increase one’s resolve and determination to do the needful. The faintest ink stays longer than the longest memory, develop a priority list, have a journal, an address book, anything, that will contain your priority list. That’s the next step, you cannot just store everything in your memory, it may fail you. So if you don’t have a diary, get one. You must always go around with a pen and paper because you never can tell when an idea will jump at you.

-Decide exactly on what you want- The reason a lot of people wake up in the morning and do nothing is because they don’t know what to do or where they are going, they lack determination, they don’t have the drive. after you have decided on what to do, you must also be emotionally attached to it, next, let your goal be personally and mentally secured.

-Research; knowledge and information is power, information is the force with which we drive a vision and it takes information to fully deliver the details of a vision. An uninformed man is a deformed man, so research whatever vision you have created, seek professional advice, it might cost you money but don’t let that deter you. It pays to be fully informed in your field of endeavour and area of interest because opportunities might come knocking at any point. The knowledge you need to change your life is already in a book somewhere.

-Pray; the power of prayer cannot be over-emphasized. The bible says that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. Whatever goal you have set, it’s imperative that you lay it before God, so that He can direct you. Prayer is a potent weapon it can be used to bring our dreams to reality and get divine revelations.

When you refuse to plan, the most important things in your life will be forgotten because you will have dedicated your life to doing useless things.


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