Employer Employee Etiquette…how to be a good employer or employee

Am employer is a person that recruits, trains and pays people to work for him. The code of conduct for an employer is as follows

1. Never direct hate speeches at your employees – we are all aware of the way things are going in this country, with hate speeches flying around here and there and tribalism is the order of the day, no one seems to care about how the other parties feel. Directing hate speeches at your employees simply means that you don’t value them or appreciate the work they do for you. This limits their level of productivity and they lose the respect they have for you.

2. Avoid being partial to any of your employees – treat all your employees equally irrespective of their background, qualification, competence or level of hierarchy. If the lowest member of your staff enjoys equality, they will remain loyal to you. Don’t give special treatment to any employee simply because they are related to you.

3. Be transparent with them try to share vital information with your employees, show them the big picture, when things are going smoothly let them know as well as when things are go south.

4. Bond in the friendliest ways – Don’t be too rigid when dealing with your employees, always let them know that you care, inquire about their personal lives, listen to their grievances. Informal interactions on a minimal level brings employees close to their employers.

5. Don’t make romantic advances at your employees – it is so unethical and unwise to make romantic advances at or to be romantically involved with your employees, if they are married, it could cost them their marriages and even yours, it causes disrespect and ultimately low level of performance.

Who is an Employee? An employee is a person that gets paid to work for an individual. Employee code of conduct includes:

1. Never get to work late – always get to work few minutes before the stipulated time. Sleep early so that you can wake up early, this keeps you refreshed and agile at work.

2. Leave your personal work at home – working hours should not be used to do personal work. The time you spend in the office has already being paid for by your employer, therefore, endeavour to do all that is required of you by your boss at that time. The rest of the day till the next morning is yours to do whatever, you also have weekend and public holidays to do your personal business.

3. Do not come to work under the influence of alcohol – there is nothing more foolish and unthoughtful as this. No matter how little, don’t consume alcohol before coming to work, that very little quantity you take smells so much on your breath, it will make you look irresponsible and could cost you your job.

4. Follow professional dress codes – always dress smartly, don’t wear revealing clothes, rumpled or inappropriate clothes to work. Adhere strictly to company’s dress codes.

5. Do not share confidential information with anyone – either they are related to you or not, confidential is confidential and should remain so. You also should not speak badly about your company to your clients.

Finally respect the authority of your boss irrespective of their age or qualification, always carry out their instrictions.

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