What to do when you doubt your dreams

Having your own dreams and vision is very vital, you must always aspire to be at the top of wherever you find yourself. Most of the books that we read and seminars that we attend all talk about how relevant you can become in the society if you are able to achieve good success. But few of them have only being able to teach how to overcome the doubts we may have concerning the dream. The following are ways to overcome whatever doubts you may have concerning your dreams -1- Focus on what you want: visualize it, repeat it, think about the end goal, the gratification and pleasure that you will get after achieving it. This shifts your focus away from your fears and back to your dreams. -2- Ask yourself how: how do you plan to achieve it? What major steps are you taking towards realizing that dream? What action have you taken that moves you a step further toward your dream? -3- Separate yourself from your fears: fear is just an emotion as love and sadness, so understand that you are just being overwhelmed with the wrong kind of emotion. Therefore, you need to recognize your fear and fail to agree with it. -4- Think of what you stand to lose: you have thought about what you stand to gain, now think of what you stand to lose if you don’t work it. The disappointments and shame that comes with failure, and the self flagellation that you will experience. -5- Take a look at your role models: these are the people that are already doing what you want to do and it’s working out fine for them. Study their history, how they started, how they overcame pressures and discouragements, check their processes and lifestyles, their approach and how they dealt with their fears and after that, get into business. -6- Think of what good it will do you and do others: Think of how happy and fulfilled you will be, how you will be able to help others and how you will have left your mark after you are long gone. -7- Ask yourself what the major challenge is: I know that I said not to focus on your fears but this is quite different. Your challenge is not your fear, it’s not even the situation you are in but it’s the attitude you display toward that situation. So what exactly is your doubt? Find out what it is and face it squarely.

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2 thoughts on “What to do when you doubt your dreams

  1. excellent writing, good communication skills and well structured.

    kudos, keep it up

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