How popping business cards can get you the ideal client/contract

Its an established fact that technology has taken over the world. This means that everything is represented virtually, you can send emails, track a client online, pitch a job over the internet etc. But this massive change doesn’t blot out the fact that physical encounters are still in their own way effective. Business cards are small documents that contain the details of your organization, the products you sell or the services you render including other relevant information. They help to promote yourself and your business in the physical world, coming in handy when you need to meet potential clients face to face or find yourself at conferences. The following are ways to get your business cards popping…

•Handle them with care• 

Avoid dropping soup on your cards or having pen marks on them, remember it represents your brand and you don’t want to come across as untidy. Imagine stretching out your business cards fullof soup stains to a potential client, Yes, embarrassing.

•Be creative with them• 

If you don’t design business cards (for a living) ask your graphic designer to come up with a creative style for your cards, choose beautiful colours and font styles, not forgetting that it must look as professional as can be. There are a lot of poorly designed business cards out there so take advantage of that fact and make yours stand out from the rest. Don’t use paper of inferior weights to design your cards, they tear easily.

•Put the right information• 

Adequate information like company name, your designation, contact address, phone number, valid email, company logo etc. Don’t correct an error with your pen therefore provide accurate information and approve it before its printed.

•Keep them with you at all times• 

Have a card holder for your business cards, you shouldn’t start searching your bag while standing in front of your clients, it shows that you are careless or unprofessional and also, keeping them in a card holder makes them look neat and protects from any kind of stain.

•A business card is the first impression of your brand• 

When you make first contact with a potential client, you don’t want it to be a bad impression, so all you need to do is take care of your business cards, use quality paper, beautiful colours and readable fonts. Take care of the details and when giving it out, hand it over with your right hand. Also, don’t forget to give out your business cards to whoever gives you theirs.

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