Public speaking is the act of communicating information to a large audience. It’s also called oratory, it involves delivering a speech to a live audience in order to inform, entertain or educate. Its also a face to face speaking of a single person to a group of listeners such as found in Seminars, lectures, campaigns, conferences or congresses.

To be excellent in public speaking a speaker must ask him/herself the following questions:

1. Who is my audience?

2. Why did they gather?

3. What do they want most?

4. How can I help them achieve what they want?

Tips on how to overcome your fear of piblic speaking

1. Organize and Arrange- organise and arrange your thoughts in the order that you want it to be delivered.

2. Prepare and Practice– Prepare yourself mentally, write out your speech and rehearse it inbfront of a loved one, and prepare for questions 

3. Give out your speech to other people– letting others peruse your note card is really important. They are able to look at it from their own point of view and give you feed back.

4 Avoid talking too fast- talking too fast makes you breathless and you tend to panick, it also confuses your audience so slow down when you speak and be relaxed.

5. Use the right speech qualities– such as volume, tone, pitch, pronunciation and enunciation etc.

6. Eliminate Tue fear of rejection- let go of the “what if they hate my speech” thoughts, the audience are gathered there to hear you speak for a reason.

7. Create a perfectly arranged power point presentation- this will help you back on track for when you lose your train of thoughts, also it keeps your audience engaged.

Your speech must be arranged into three parts

i) Introduction: this is used to start the speech, it must be interesting and must relate t the body of the speech

ii) The body: this comes next after the introduction and it deals with the subject, support the main points vividly with different illustrations, specific instances, facts and figures etc.

iii) Conclusion: Challenge your audience to a call to action, highlight the main points ofbyour speech and move them to react to your ideas.

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