The fun part of getting a job is the part where you get cool cash at the end of the month. The not-so-fun part is when you sit down for the interview. Interviewers can be intimidating, yes, they were rolled that way, they want to shake your feet till you fall, or make you bolt at the last minute, or worse, pee in your pants. Preparation brings about confidence, if you plan properly, you will prevent yourself from performing poorly and part of the plan is to know what to expect. Therefore, I have summed up 5 people you would most likely meet at the interview room.

  1. THE MULTITASK-ERS- They are interviewing you but at the same time they have tons of work to do, so they ask you questions, and as you answer they attend to the pile on their table, speak to 2 or 3 people, receive phone calls, reply e-mails and do all sorts. The trick is to remain focused and continue to answer questions politely, your interviewer might be distracted but they are attentive and they might just be testing you to see if you are easily distracted.
  2. THE FRIENDLY ONES- Trust me they are all not scary, you might be lucky enough to meet a nice person at the interview room, all they just want to do is to chat and have fun while conducting the interview. If you are lucky enough to meet someone like this, you could try mirroring their mood. Be polite and friendly, be personable and professional but don’t overdo it. Look for ways you can relate your conversations to your job qualifications.
  3. THE TRICKSTERS- These kinds of interviewers are the overly smart ones, looking for who to devour (just kidding). They will find ways to trap you with questions and make you give answers you might regret  because they have trick questions up their sleeves, so watch out and don’t be too forward or too reluctant to answer. Answer the questions honestly and just be yourself.
  4. THE UNUSUAL ONES- The unusual ones ask you unusual questions. Sometimes, the questions might be grossly irrelevant to the job you are applying for, sometimes, they might be personal questions, also grossly irrelevant, just to make you feel uneasy. You can politely ask if the questions are relevant to your job, or you try as much as possible to avoid the questions by giving indirect responses.
  5. THE EXPRESSIONLESS ONES- They keep a straight face throughout the interview. These people are so good, you can hardly tell if you are doing well or not. Humour won’t get you far, as I said before, mirror your interviewer’s mood. Keep a straight face but not an uninterested look, answer questions correctly and give good examples, remain dauntless because you see, they are only doing so to see if you will break.

Understand that you will only be called for an interview if you qualify, and what better way to be qualified than to have an extraordinary resume. So as you prepare for your job hunt, prepare a remarkable resume to wow your potential interviewers.

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