Over the years, the society has set standards of a ‘real woman’ as they call it, in the past, the woman is defined by her ability to take care of her family and her worth is measured by how pleased her husband is towards her.

This ‘real’ or ‘ideal’ woman is a woman who, irrespective of her background, must aspire to marriage. She is a woman who must submit to a ‘god’ her husband, and enslaves herself to his family. She is not allowed to work, think or have a mind of her own, all through her life, she must live to please the man who takes little or no cognisance of her efforts. 

She rises up before dawn to prepare for his wakening, she slaves away in the thick heat of the kitchen fanning the flames that will cook his food while he lies there sleeping and dreaming on until he’s awakened by the aroma of her meal. 

He gets up from the bed and drags himself to the kitchen to ask for his bath, she immediately stops her cooking and hurries to prepare his bath. When she has finished tending to him, she goes in to bring out her children and prepares them for the day.

Her work never ends, it’s like a cycle of slavery, rotating between her husband and his family and taking care of her children. All the while, not a single moan or complain escapes her lips because she has been adequately groomed all through her childhood.

She has been told that a woman’s work never ends and a woman lives to satisfy her husband even if the man cannot satisfy her. And if she is unsatisfied, she must not be allowed to speak out as it’s a taboo to speak against her husband.

She works tirelessly, just because she has been made to follow some sets of rules put together by certain people, she revers her husband and holds him in high esteem. 

Nonetheless, the husband could be one who regards no effort of the wife. A philanthropist in the society but a stern and superior individual in the home.

The woman is the back bone of her family, if she isn’t there, the man won’t eat, if she protests and refuses to work, though the world will rebuke her, the husband won’t awaken to the aroma of her cooking and won’t have water to take his bath. 

The place of the woman in the society is very crucial. The woman is truly the backbone of the society, an exemplary work of art, an admirable creation of God.

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