In a world where values and beliefs change and the definition of an ideal woman constantly evolves, the standards of who an ideal woman should be is solely based upon what the society dictates. This definition changes so easily due to the fickle nature of the society. 

Years ago, specifically in Africa, the definition of an ideal woman was one who lived to please her husband. Fast forward to this new age, an ideal woman is now defined by her strong career, a great job, independence and a particular body shape, a skin colour or a large social media following.

But the truth is that, just as it changed from what it used to be to what it is now, it will keep changing and won’t stop changing. The best advice for a woman is to not depend on the definition the society has about who she should be, instead she should strive to be who she wants to be.

Some say, a woman must not be too successful so that she doesn’t become richer than her husband, that’s the society dictating for her again. They have forgotten that once the man and his wife have been joined together in holy matrimony, they have become one flesh, what is for the husband becomes hers and what is hers is for him.

Others say that the woman must work to support her man because no man wants a liability. What infuriates me more is that some men begin to search for well-off ladies so that they can be financially secured, to the point that they refuse to pursue their career because after all, the woman is there to support.

Dear woman, don’t depend on the society’s definition. Define yourself. Be there for your husband, be a mother to your kids, chase your career, you were not created to be under anyone’s feet, you are an help meet.

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