How Inspiration (ideas) can be limited.

Inspiration is a process of being mentally stimulated usually by someone or something, to do or to feel something. Inspiration can come when we hear someone speak, particularly about what they did to achieve a feat, we become stimulated to do that which is laid in our hearts. Sometimes when other people talk about their challenges and how they overcame it, we become inspired by their words and we determine to face any challenge that comes away just so we can achieve success. Martin Luther King was exceptional at this. He used inspirational words to summon us to better things, some of his words are still in use today.

Inspiration also comes as a sudden brilliant idea, a timely thought, a revelation or an influence. An unconscious burst of creativity or credibility awakens us to new possibilities and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. In Christianity, inspiration is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

A lot of times, we are surrounded by what inspires us but we don’t see it simply because we’re impervious to it or because we’ve not prepared or position ourselves well to receive it. There are lots of factors that influence inspiration.

1. Faith  Faith is a function of inspiration. When we are inspired to do something, we begin to do it by faith. Other times, our faith inspire us to do things.

2. Enthusiasm – It’s another function of inspiration. Enthusiasm is the vibrancy and ardour that flows in and out of an individual, it’s an intense energy or spirit that a person displays. Your enthusiasm toward anything in particular can influence others around you.

3. Knowledge –  Knowledge is really important, the knowledge of whatvothers have done is what inspires us to do more. We must seek knowledge at all times because when we get a timely idea by inspiration, knowledge is what we need to implement that idea. Indeed inspiration is limited in effect by the knowledge of the recipient.

As powerful as inspiration is, it’s limited in effect by the mental state of the recipient. The following are factors that limit inspiration.

1. Ignorance – No matter how strong an idea is, if we lack the knowledge to put it into effect, it will mean nothing. 

2. Depression – A depressed person can never be inspired tobdo anything, they are engulfed by heaviness.

3. Fear – Fear is an enemy of faith, a revelation, stimulation or an idea is limited by fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure or fear of the past.

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