It’s surprising how we tend to be comfortable being idle while we dream about things we want to achieve. Every human on earth has wishes they would like to see come true and goals they aim to achieve. Whether you are aware of it or not,  we all have dreams, but if we do nothing about it,  they will remain as just dreams. If we want to be wealthy and satisfied with life but do not take any steps to achieve it, we will only remain as dreamers.

There’s a saying that “If wishes were horses beggars will ride.” In my own interpretation, it means that we must snap out of our dreams and get ahead of ourselves. Getting ahead of yourself simply put, is to do more than you’ve ever done before. Great men and women of today quickly took to this statement and so they started to work on themselves, they didn’t just become great by sitting down idle or by wishful thinking.  They got busy and accomplished great things.

Everyday,  set new records for yourself and break them, outstrip your yesterdays by your today, don’t only dare to dream, strive to bring the dreams to reality. Live as if today is your last day on earth. In the process of getting ahead of yourself, focus excessively on your future plans, and on prospective future events.

The quality of your output determines how valuable you are, if your result is not commendable you will never be of value. Certainly, if anyone strives to do better, they will be enormously equipped and relevant in their field. Think and decide on how  you want things to be in years to come, forget about past events and focus on the future, let your present way of life be a platform for a successful future. A man that dwells in his past is afraid of the future, don’t be like that man.

The world we live in today is a very competitive one and everyone is doing what they can to stay relevant. It’s a good thing to try to beat other peoples records but our business in life is to beat our own records and stay away from anything that kills our value. Here are few of the value killers in man:

* Complacency- I call this the stage of inertia, sometimes,  we think that we have gotten to a higher level and so we relax and stop working. A feeling of self satisfaction comes upon us and sets us into a state of smugness, instead of moving ahead, we stay put and become idle. It’s not a crime to celebrate little feats of victory, but we must not let it delay us from moving ahead. Unknown to us, other people have moved on and moved ahead of us while we were resting. In the story “The tortoise and the hare” the two animals prepared fully for the race, and they started together. Along the way, the hare, seeing that it had come far and it’s opponent was still metres away from him decided to take a rest. So the awfully slow tortoise kept at it and overtook him, he breasted the rope at the finish line first simply because the hare made a wrong decision to relax. Don’t quit after a victory, look for opportunities on the other side once you get to the top, keep the forward momentum.

* Procrastination – putting until tomorrow what should be done today. 85% of the people suffer from chronic procrastination. They tend to always come up with excuses for not doing what ought to be done. This is a major value killer. When we are supposed to be equipping ourselves, we postpone it till when we feel like,  but the truth is, we will continue to postpone the necessary things we should be doing. Instead of sitting down glued to the TV,  why not pick up a book to study? Rather than surfing aimlessly on the internet, why not take up an online course and add value to yourself? Decide now that you don’t want to be ensnared by procrastination any longer and get rid of those excuses for not doing your job, don’t get lazy on your job because the gratification is little. Eliminate every reasons and excuses for not doing well. Procrastinators are good talkers but bad doers.

*Fear – this is one of the major problems faced by many people and it’s what keeps them from physical or mental exertion. Fear is the greatest enemy of faith, a mind filled with fear can never be courageous enough to step out. Fear can first materialize as doubt, goes on to become fear and ultimately failure. When you fear something over a long period of time there’s a tendency that your fear will help bring it to past. Fear and worry create conditions propitious to failure. Fear of failing is what grips people most of the time, they would rather succeed at nothing than to fail at something. Worrying about a situation only blows it out of proportion, it makes us unaware of the creative power of imagination God has embedded in us. You may succeed if no one believes in you, but you’ll never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.

Other value killers are laziness, idleness, negative mindset,  lateness, low self-esteem and an unteachable spirit. If you find yourself in any of the above situations, it will be foolish to justify your reasons for remaining in them. A quick summary of what you can do to increase your value:

-Always believe in yourself, you are capable and whatever you do, try to do more. Don’t be overwhelmed by self adulation just because you’ve been inoculated with small doses of success.

– Faith is the opposite of fear, with faith you can overcome so shift your mind from fear to faith, do it afraid, turn your fear into passion, do you SWOT analysis.

– Have a time frame for all your goals,  set SMART ones, stop at nothing until you have reached the top and then again start from the other side. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to launch out, make do with the things you already have, do an estimation of your abilities.

I end with a quote by Louis XIV “There’s little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself.”

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