CHANGE…a constant

Change is a process of becoming different, a process of improvement or imbalance. Change is the only constant thing in life but constant is an unchanged phenomenon. How then can CHANGE be a CONSTANT ?

Constant is a consistent and persistent recurrence so then change is a constant. The problem nowadays is that many people fear change much more than they fear their current state and much more than they fear stagnancy, they have become so used to the regular order and arrangement of things that they find it difficult to welcome change.

They fear that they might lose the opportunities they have if things go differently, they are held in captivity by STATUS QUO. Hebert Spencer, an English philosopher said “A living thing is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplicity of changes at any moment taking place inside of it.” The only thing that differentiates the dead from the living is its capacity to change, therefore, a man that doesn’t embrace change is a dead man.

The complexity of change is very broad that its not enough to only change one thing in our existence, but one must change in every way, every aspect and every dimension. 

You must change your thinking- If you have been harbouring erroneous thoughts all your life, it’s probably why you fear  change, you must change your thinking. Some people have some crazy philosophies that they have accepted over the course of time and it has formed the basis of their thought pattern. If you are this kind of person, why not seek the truth and accept it. The most powerful agreement is life is the one between your thoughts and what actually happens to you. 

You must change your mind- Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Don’t be so driven by will that you become so rigid, the earth itself changes, it evolves, so evolve. Don’t be too driven by policy that you err on the right side. 

You must change your life by changing the state of your mind- It could be that things have been so disadvantageous and unpleasant for you and you have strongly concluded that that’s how they will be. Instead of accepting the ‘normal’ state of things, try to effect a change from your heart, because truly, that’s where the change starts from.

Change your opinion- What are your values and beliefs? How have they contributed to your growth? In this modern world, you cannot afford to be a traditionalist, that is a person who accepts old facts and hold them as the truth. You’ll find that there are many people that still believe in the old system of things, they don’t believe that yesterday’s formula for success is today’s recipe for failure. They’ve refused to accept the modern life style, little wonder they carry the burdens of life alone. Changing your beliefs and values doesn’t mean that you are fickle, it only shows that you’re willing to drop the baggages that weigh you down.

You must change your environment- The thing about stagnancy is that when you think you are stagnant, you are actually retrogressing. This world itself moves forward, therefore if you are not moving forward with it, you are moving backward from it. You must change your environment, move from where you are, go after opportunities, seek to change your self, tackle challenges head , emembrace opportunities for change. Don’t sink into your comfort zone, change your physical location. Don’t be scared when you get assigned to a different work or when you get a new boss, see it as an opportunity to work with a different person. Also, don’t be scared that your working environment has changed, some people feel threatened when things change, rather, get acclimated with the new situation and be in the control room.

Sadly enough, many people desire progress but fear change, but that’s an impossibility.

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