Why you are not as successful as you should be.

Do you feel that you’re not successful enough? Do you believe that you are not where you want to be yet? How well can you say you’ve done and how far can you say you’ve gone? If your answers to these questions are “yes,” “yes” and “I don’t know” then you should probably read the following reasons why you are not as successful as you want to.

1. You are lazy- You might not want to accept this, but it is true. Laziness is a progress killer, it’s the quality of being unwilling to do work or exert energy. If all you do is to sit back and watch while other people work, when others are sleeping, you will be toiling under the sun. Remember the saying “let he who will not work, not eat” If you haven’t laboured in the past, you will not get any reward in the future. Sometimes, our labour is not for instant gratification but for future reward. The easiest way to deteriorate in value is to remain idle for a long time. So get to work, till the ground and expectantly wait for harvest.

2. You do not set goals- not setting goals is like walking on a treadmill, you may have speed but you have no destination. The reason why some people work twice as hard and get nowhere twice as fast is because they didn’t set any goals for themselves. All they do is to work, they cannot point at any tangible thing they have achieved so far. Goals are visions put in a time frame, once you put a thing in a time frame, you get the will power to achieve them quickly. If you still have the “whatever will be will be” attitude, trust me, you are set up for disaster.

3. You waste time– it’s probably because you spend so much time doing things that are not important and things that waste your time. If you spend time on less important things, you get unimportant results. If you work so tirelessly and have nothing to show for it, check what you’re doing, it’s either you are doing something wrong or you’re doing something that is very unproductive.

4. You are engulfed by fear– you are not as successful as you want because you fear failure, you fear taking risks, you fear the unknown. Fear is a general phenomenon. There isn’t anybody on earth who doesn’t experience fear. If Thomas Edison had allowed fear of failure to deter him, we wouldn’t be enjoying electricity today. So do it afraid, take the first steps because if you don’t, you’ll never know if you will succeed or not.

5. Unnecessary analysis- as much as having a goal is important, sometimes, analysing your plans too much can be a disaster. They say that “One good action is better than one thousand good intentions”. Planning, making strategies and overanalyzing issues when you’re supposed to take action is not a good way to live. Instead, plan and take action, that’s really how to succeed.

6. You have a negative mindset- a negative mind is an unhealthy mind. If you constantly think about ways by which it could all go wrong, you have a negative mindset. Sometimes, you could develop a negative mindset from the things you hear people say, especially the unsuccessful people around you. So get rid of them. Think positively, have a healthy mind and what you think of will surely happen to you.

7. You have self-doubt – the most important thing in the world is to believe in yourself. When you doubt yourself you won’t be able to take risks and life is all about taking risks. Doubt is indecision, and if you doubt, you won’t be focused, if you’re not focused you won’t be successful. Doubt can come as a result of improper planning. Therefore, set good plans and believe strongly in yourself.

8. You lack foresight – foresight is the ability to see far, to think about the future. Don’t only look at the next few days or few weeks, instead, look at the next few years. Don’t linger in your present, have a future plan.

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