What they didn’t tell you about getting a job

There’s a stereotypical mindset in this part of the world, this mindset has been adopted and followed religiously by so many people. It has become a tool for measuring success. Failure to live pursuant to this lifestyle raises eyebrows, people start to ask questions, they stare at you as you pass by and mutter words behind your back.

This stereotypical mindset is the fact that, after graduating from school, the next thing is to get a job. No one seem to be bothered about your plans, especially plans of starting your own business.

The idea of waking up in the morning and getting dressed for work seem to be to them, the best thing one can ever do. They nod their heads in approval when they see you returning from work in the evening, not minding whether your kind of work is next to digging dirt on the side of the road.

The reward for those who saw you through school is to see you leave for work in the morning. You are encouraged to do all you can to keep your job, no matter how derogatory it is,. They ask you about plans for savings and investments. Maybe they weren’t aware of how difficult it was to get the job in the first place or maybe they just decided to turn a blind eye to you as you struggle from one interview to the other. Maybe they see your sad countenance as you get dressed to go to the job you hate, but maybe, just maybe they decide to turn a blind eye.

I mean, what will the society say when they see that you’re jobless? They even think you are delusional about starting a business.

Well, these are what they never told you about getting a job.

– No one told you about the long lists of application letters and Cv’s tailored to fit the job description you will be submitting will be thrown into the trash because the company has their own candidates.

– No one told you that you will need to have 5 years minimum job experience for that post you’re applying for, as if you didn’t just graduate from the University.

– No one told you that the money you spend to transport yourself to interviews and back will come from your own pockets, “you are no longer a child” they say, “you should be able to pay your own bills”

– No one told you that the endless interviews and tests you write are just gimmicks practiced by the company to feign transparency. Top executives have relatives and friends they would like to fix in that post.

– No one told you that the integrity, transparency and work-life balance you were told about at the training school were not even practiced in the organization, team work is dead.

– No one told you that your course of study in the University doesn’t really matter because you’ll hardly get a job related to it, today, medical students work in the banking sector.

– No one told you that the real hustle starts when you get on board, you have to struggle to remain relevant, develop your capacity and continue learning to expand your portfolio.

– No one told you about the six figures target and millions of naira profit you must bring to the organization, the spoken and unspoken advises and the endless queries you get if you fail to meet target.

– No one told you about the illegality and corrupt practices people engage in just to keep their jobs.

– No one told you that the expensive suits, the shiny jewelries, the brand new cars and top notch lifestyles are lived on the expense of their salaries, they go broke immediately they are out of job.

– No one told you that you cannot get rich on a job but starting a business as early as you can will grow into a big enterprise.

– No one told you that organizations are looking for problem solvers with entrepreneurial spirit, not just job seekers and salary earners.

It’s good to work and it’s good to earn money, but don’t let the stereotypical mindset of the society, the ‘Get-a-job’ syndrome, cloud your mind and prevent you from living your dreams.

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