Do you really want to be productive?

Often times you may find yourself doing things that produce no result. When this happens, you may begin to wonder whether you are actually doing what you are supposed to be doing, you start to doubt if what you’re doing is really what you were meant to do.

Maybe what you’re actually doing is what you’re passionate about but you are not being productive. Well it’s not because you’re inefficient, it’s because certain things are getting in the way of your productivity. Until you take a conscious effort to eliminate them, your productivity will never rise to normal levels.

How can you be productive?

1. Set your goals higher – believe me, if your goals are within your reach and capacity, you won’t feel like you’ve accomplished any feat. If you set your goals a little higher than your capacity, you will realize your full potential and you will produce amazing results.

2. Enjoy your work – Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. Find ways to make your job your joy and not just a job. Now you may be passionate about what you do and love it dearly, but a lack of productivity can make your passion fizzle out. Once you notice that you are no longer loving it, try a bit harder, concentrate on your efforts and have a little faith. Take pride in your job and become better at it.

3. Value your time – Don’t waste time doing totally unimportant things, spend your time wisely. Your ability to manage time will determine how successful you will become that is why successful people do not waste time on trivial issues. We all have 24 hours, but somehow, the successful ones have found a way to manage theirs and turn into something profitable. Success requires hard work and ambition.

4. Give yourself fully to your work – Give your all to your work, do it well and you will get amazing results. Committing yourself totally to your work will make you be in a state of “flow” – a state where you get so engrossed in what you do that nothing else matters.

5. Increase your efficiency – Avoid the things that will cause you fatigue, such things as spending time on unimportant things, spending time on the Internet, chatting away idly on social media, watching TV, sleeping late etc.

Understand that time is really important, time can be matched with money, productivity and many more. Time is important and time cannot be timed, rise to increasingly high levels of productivity by doing the right things in the right way and at the right time.

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