How you can improve your mental health

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Wow! So many things are happening. if you are active on social media, you will understand what i’m saying. the rate at which mental health issues are popping up is alarming, people commit suicide on a daily basis. Recently, one of our ‘instagram celebs’ released a post trying to justify the reasons why people commit suicide (honestly I couldn’t comprehend what he was talking about, someone needs to check up on that brother), yes, it has gotten that bad.

If you think you only need to improve your physical health and not bother about your mental health, you are doing a dangerous thing. Your mental health is as important as your physical health and it encompasses your emotional, psychological and social well being. It affects how you think, how you feel and act, how you handle situations and how you regulate the rate at which your body is stressed. last year, there were cases of two people who jumped off the third mainland bridge, this year, and just recently, I read in the news that a lady jumped off third mainland bridge (of course I don’t know the circumstances surrounding her ordeal), other things have been happening. It’s only God that can see us through.

There are so many factors that contribute to mental issues, but I will only round them up to three

  1. Family history- some people have a family history of mental illness, I can’t really wrap my head around how it works through the family or how it goes down to the next generation.
  2. Biological factors- this is hereditary, sometimes it can be linked with the family issues.
  3. Life experiences- trauma, such as loss of a loved one, abuse etc.

There are a whole lot of signs that warn you about mental health issues in a person, you should also look in introspect, scrutinize yourself and see if these signs are present in you, they include the following

  • A feeling of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Frequent mood swings (the bad ones)
  • Yelling or fighting with family and friends
  • Thinking of causing bodily harm to oneself and to others
  • Constant fatigue or low energy
  • Feeling confused, angry and on the edge, the list is endless.

Here is what you can do to resolve it

  • Ask for help- reach out to someone and let them know what you are going through, seek advice from experts and talk to a therapist, don’t box in your feelings, express yourself. Just make sure you are not quiet about your ordeal, the earlier you speak up, the better for you.
  • Connect with friends and family- connect with your family and hangout with your friends. It will actually do you some good to spend time doing fun things, laugh and talk about interesting stuff, do it often.
  • Stay positive- surround yourself with positive minded people. Be positive and have faith that things will be good. Don’t listen to negative talks or tragic news, surround yourself with positive vibes.
  • Get involved; pursue a hobby- get yourself involved in activities that will require your full concentration, especially things that are continuous, join a club, be a part of something.
  • Get quality sleep- quality sleep, no matter how short is better than quantity sleep. Sleep well, sleep very deeply, get things off your mind and go into deep sleep. I strongly advice against taking sleeping drugs.
  • Exercise- this is absolutely important. Regular exercises boost brain functions and prevents cognitive decline.

If you are suffering from depression, understand that it’s dangerous and can get worse, mental health problems should not be taken with levity. Watch out for people that exhibit these signs and genuinely try to help them.

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