The 5 Essentials Of Vision

Vision is an ingredient of life which gives you guidance and helps you to move toward a fulfilled life.

Vision is really important for a man who wishes to be successful. The essence of having a vision cannot be overemphasized because it gives man direction.

Vision is an essential tool for success, wealth generation and a life of ease. It’s simply the plans and purposes of God revealed to man. 1 Corinthians 2:9

The essentials of Vision

A man without a vision is like ship without a rudder. As massive as ships are, they are controlled by a rudder. The rudder is responsible for moving the ship around. Without it, the ship will have no direction.

1. Have the right vision – The right vision is one that will not cause harm to the human race. It’s not the right vision if it is detrimental to the health and well-being of the people.

Therefore, your vision must seek to help the human race and it must impart in you a unique passion which cannot be shaken off.

2. Write the vision – What you don’t write down you won’t commit to. When your vision is written down, it gives you the ability to anticipate, prepare and make provisions for the future.

A written vision brings about hindsight, insight and foresight.

Some people usually believe that having their vision in memory is enough but this is untrue. Whatever you put at the back of your mind cannot manifest before your eyes.

3. Read the vision – Most people rush to make resolutions at the beginning of the year, they write their goals down and clearly map out their vision on a paper, then they dump it, leaving it to gather dust.

Such people easily forget their written goals because they do not go back to it.

It’s not enough to write down your vision, you must constantly read what you’ve written down and commit what you’ve written down to memory. What is not clarified is not magnified.

4. Rate the vision – Rating your vision means checking if your vision is big and meaningful enough.

You need a big vision, a vision that will help you obtain what you were sent to this planet to achieve. A vision that will pull you out of mediocrity and that will enable you activate your potentials.

Your life will remain colourless until you pursue your vision.

5. Run with the vision – Now you have written, read and rated your vision. What do you do next? Take action, get to work.

Don’t wait for things to become perfect before you take a step. Take the initiative.

Dreams only come true when you wake up to make it happen.

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