How to build relationships that will make you achieve quick success.

It is difficult to go farther in life without good relationships. The simple act of building positive relationships will bring men and women in your journey who will help you reach your final destination.

There is no self made man, no man succeeds by standing alone, you need people. If building relationships is not your greatest asset, then your greatest challenge will be people.

Choose to give people the kind of love they don’t deserve and by so doing, you reserve your own emotional balance and mental health. Work on the area of your weakness rather than getting energy to defend that weakness.

Be responsible for what you say and accept responsibilities for the consequences of all your actions, give love and build good will, you cannot give too much love because love is never too much, give love out of it’s abundance in your heart.

Love yourself and love others because you cannot truly love others if you don’t love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, it means you hate yourself, it means you have anger, bitterness and resentment inside of you and what is inside you is what you give out.

The secret to building positive relationships is love and positive relationships is the key to true happiness and fulfilled dreams. If you are experiencing a lack of happiness, check the amount of love inside of you.

However, there are some relationships that may be toxic to you, is a waste of your time or a distraction to you. Don’t hesitate to cut these people off, but never stop showing love to them.

Building positive relationships should not cause you to gamble your destiny with people who do not have equal commitment to you. Showing love to others doesn’t mean hurting yourself.

Ensure that you choose the right people to be around you because you stand or fall based on relationships. Not everyone belongs to your future, some people are only supposed to be at the starting point of your life or show up later in your journey.

Here are some of the kinds of relationships you should cut

1. People who disrespect you – Some people do not know when not to cross the line, they may either disrespect you because they lack the right training or because they have taken you for granted. People may also disrespect you due to your failure to place value on yourself. If you don’t place value on yourself, people won’t see it.

You can also be disrespected by those who are familiar to you, familiarity breeds contempt. They knew where you started from and so they look down on you. The best thing to do is just to keep adding value to yourself, sooner or later, they will recognize it.

2. People who distract you – Some people are in your life simply to break your focus. Identify who they are by their words and their actions and filter them out of your life. People can distract you by the words of their mouth, they can try to throw you off course by suggesting to you what is not in line with your journey, though sometimes, such people might just be trying to help.

Other people may try to distract you with their problems. Avoid people who always bring different problems for you to help them with. Don’t get me wrong, always help people but don’t pause your own dreams just so you can make other people happy, they tend to draw you back.

3. People who undermine, devalue and disregard you – People devalue you by reducing your quality or your sense of worth. They undermine you because they feel you’re incapable and they disregard you because they have concluded that you can never amount to anything. It’s your duty to filter such people out of your life so that you may move on.

4. People who disappoint you – There are certain people who major in disappointing you, nothing they say ever happens and they turn their back on you when you need them the most.

People who fall in this category lack integrity and cannot keep their word, they do not fulfil their part of a bargain or agreement.

5. People who deceive you – Deceivers are divisive people that praise you in your presence but will not hesitate to slander you when you’re absent. Deceitful people tell lies and speak ill of others, they are actually very easy to spot.

Those who you should strive to value and keep their relationships are

1. People who love you deeply – When someone loves you deeply, you’ll see it in their actions. People who truly love you will never try to hurt you, they will always want to see you happy and unhurt. However, those who truly love you will occasionally tell you the truth, don’t be too hard hearted to listen.

2. People who are not afraid of you – No matter what level you are, you must have a relationship with people who are not afraid of you. These people will not be afraid to tell you the truth and make you see the error of your ways.

Some highly influential people surround themselves with people that are scared to talk to them when they are walking in error, don’t be like such people. Sometimes it is good to take criticisms from those who you know will tell you the truth.

3. People who know more than you do – Have a mentor, someone who has achieved what you want to achieve. Have a mentor/mentee relationship with the big guns in your field, you will see more when you stand on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of you.

4. People who are busy trying to succeed – Iron sharpens iron, keep good relationships with those who are on their way to achieving their own goals. You’ll become complacent and lazy if you constantly hang around complacent and lazy people.

5. People who respect you – People who honour you, who value you and who see the value you have placed on yourself.

Having said this, we must understand that the highest kind of love is unconditional love. Don’t love people based on what they are to you, love people unconditionally. The Bible instructs that “know peace with all men”, therefore show love to people no matter what, keep good relationships with people and always avail yourself when people need you.

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