Equipping yourself to evolve and remain relevant

David, despite the threats of Goliath, the intensity of the battle and the anger of his brother volunteerd to fight against Goliath with just a sling and stone. After the third attempt, he finally conquerd Goliath.

David was a master of his craft because he had been equipping himself all his life. If he hadn’t been practicing how to use the sling, he probably wouldn’t have conquered Goliath with it, in fact, he wouldn’t have signed up for the battle at all. He became a master of his craft because he had been practicing the skill for a long time till he became good at it. When the king doubted him, he told them about how he bad killed a lion while tending to his father’s sheep, he had a record of being outstanding and when the time came, his record revealed itself.

Equipping yourself at every point of your life is a job for only you, no one can eat on your behalf therefore no one can develop you without your direct involvement. You must be fully and actively involved in equipping yourself at all times.

The word “equip” means to be able to supply for different purposes. For the purpose of this post, it is defined as preparing mentally and/or physically for a particular situation, to produce desired results. It’s simply developing yourself today so that you will be successful tomorrow. If David hadn’t prepared himself and exposed himself to challenges, he wouldn’t have been relevant. You can only be relevant when you’ve brought yourself up to speed.

Consider the banking system in Nigeria back in the days. People dreaded going to the bank because it took the whole day to get what they went there for. But a reformation occurred that pivoted the industry and today, we all enjoy the services we get. Some people had to sit down and decided that they just needed a transformation in the banking system, and if they hadn’t done that, we would probably be digging holes and putting our money in the ground.

There is need for you as an individual, an organization or as a coperate body to develop yourself. Some 20 years ago, the UAE was a deserted island, it didn’t even come up in the world map (pun intended) while 20 years ago, Nigeria was a thriving country with numerous minerals and the land was indeed green. Fast forward to 20 years later, UAE is probably the most visited country in the world and many Nigerians troop in everyday. Nigeria itself looks like its dropping off the grid and why? It’s because there’s no reformation, no development of any kind going on.

When you equip yourself, you develop in capacity and you’re open to fresh ideas. They say growth is not automatic, you must be intentional about growing. When you equip yourself, you become open to fresh ideas, new perspectives and you are able to confront difficult situations because the place of equipping is the place of learning.

When you are equipped, you are able to take others with you, mentor and equip them too. You can’t give out what you don’t have. If you’re not personally developed, you can’t mentor others. You cannot leave anything significant behind. If you have not being practicing weight lifting, you can’t go to a weight lifting tournament and you certainly cannot coach other weight lifters.

Areas where you need to equip yourself

1. Morally – Develop your morals by getting yourself involved in the right things, activities that matter to both you and your society. If you are equiped morally, you will not be involved in the decadence that has plagued our society, the profanity that seem to be the order of the day. You will be a decent and disciplined person and you’ll surely have people who look up to you.

2. Financially – What are you doing about your finances and resources? Be deliberate about how you work toward your financial independence, don’t take life as it comes. Do you have the knowledge of making, managing and multiplying money? Don’t make the mistake of living above your means like most people do, it will ruin you. Don’t wait until you start earning a large amount of money before you save and invest.

3. Physically – Just like that weight lifter, how are you practicing physical equping? Do you take in foods that will affect your health? Do you exercise? Eat good food and take care of your skin. Some women believe that they have to stop taking care of their looks and body after they are married, which is wrong. Strive to look presentable at all times.

4. Mentally – What are you exposed to and who or what do you listen to? Engage in habits that will increase your mental strength, prepare yourself for opportunities. Read books and journals that increase your mind, read good stuff online.

Equipping yourself may take a long process, but it’s certainly worth it. Today’s challenges are different from yesterday’s and will certainly be different from tomorrow’s. So prepare yourself for tomorrow’s challenges today. Make a conscious effort to see that people stop and listen when you speak. Be different from the pack and know more than the average person.

Equipping yourself is simply making yourself better everyday.

Practices that make you better everyday

* Have a growth mindset, expect and accept change, don’t rely on what you think you know and don’t believe you know it all because what you know today may be stale tomorrow.

* Prioritize and align your priorities with your goals and values, set SMART goals and achieve them, do not engage in activities that will devalue you.

* Make good use of your time, get involved in valuable things, stop wasting your time and understand that time is money.

* Keep a reading habit, read everyday, read books that provoke your thoughts, don’t stare at the wall during your down time, instead put valuable things inside of yourself.

* Meditate regularly, empty your mind of toxic thoughts and think positively all the time, before you go to bed, look in retrospect and get hindsight.

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