10 self assessment questions to knowing who you really are

Self knowledge is the beginning of self mastery. If you don’t know who you are, you cannot change yourself. Knowing who you really are is the first step to moving out of mediocrity.

Several years ago, I was struggling with myself, really struggling to know who I really was and who I wanted to be and what I really really wanted out of life. I played a lot, was never serious about anything and I continued like that until I graduated from the University, then life hit me hard.

If you want to live a successful life, you must know yourself and know what you want out of life, if not, you’ll get pushed around by the wind of self doubt. You’ll only be subject to the opinions of other people, you’ll never truly express your will power.

If you desire a change in the situation of your life, and if you want to master yourself by knowing who you are, here are some self assessment questions you should ask yourself.

What are my strengths? – These are the things you are good at. The things that you do well and do better than anyone else. The things that make you stand out among others. When you have found out what they are, capitalize on them and look for ways by which they can bring you immense success.

What are my weakness? – Those things I am not good at and I don’t really love to do, I would rather keep them hidden. Well it’s about time to bring them out and concentrate your efforts on them so that you are left with no weaknesses at all.

What is my biggest accomplishment? – Sometimes, this might depend on your age. For some it could be getting admission into school or graduating from the University. For others it could be getting promoted at your job or getting a car.

What is my biggest failure? – I’ll say this, it’s not advisable to dwell on your failures, but it’s good to learn from them for the sake of making corrections. A mistake repeated twice is a decision and bad decisions equal to failure. Knowing your biggest failure will help you correct some mistakes.

What matters most to me? – Is it your job? Your business? Your family? Or your car? What is your most priced possession? It could also be abstract things like your charm, your effective communication skills or your knowledge about something.

What am I passionate about? – Let me answer this for myself. I’m quite passionate about developing myself. I want to know more than the average person and I want people to stop and listen when I speak. So I give myself to learning at all times.

What am I worried about? – If you didn’t know, worry is absolutely bad for your health. Worry solves nothing, it creates fear and anxiety. Recently, one of my neighbors developed cataract (I say developed because it started over night) He was demoted at work for not functioning well and now he’s so worried he will lose his sight that he started to develop high bp. Too bad.

What am I ashamed of? – You probably made a mistake in the past and now it has come to hunt you. Face it squarely and make sure you come out of it. Thinking about the past will lead to depression.

What are my values and beliefs? – Some of the things we have made to become our core beliefs maybe limiting us. Once in a while, check your beliefs and purge yourself of what is not true. Beliefs and values can change our lives in so many ways.

What is my greatest wish? – These are your dreams and visions. What do you want to achieve in life? What’s your purpose? Having discovered what it is, start setting goals toward it and keep working to make them come true.

So after university, when life hit, I began to think and that led me to asking these questions of myself. Now I’m getting fully aware of who I am and I’m working toward my dream. I urge you to do the same.

Self knowledge leads to self improvement, it increases your self esteem and gives you a perfect worth of yourself. You do not easily get blown away by the wind of rejection because you are confident of who you are. You’ll have self respect and others will take this cue from you and respect you too.

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