10 Signs that you might be getting fired from your job soon

So many times, I have seen people get laid off from organizations they have laboured for for many years. Other times people have been demoted from important positions and they became frustrated and eventually resigned. In fact people have been flat out fired from companies they have spent a very long time working with.

The truth is, no matter how long you work in a place, if complacency starts to set in, you will not be offering value anymore. No one cares if you’ve been there for thirty years, if you have taken your job for granted, you make mistakes and do not take steps to correct yourself, you’ve probably forgotten that your employer is watching you with intense scrutinizing eyes.

A colleague of mine was recently asked to leave due to his carelessness and his sense of complacency. He had been working there for 12 years and he had nothing to fall back on. He was taking his job for granted and he didn’t have any plan for the next thing to do.

From what I gathered from his conduct at work and from other employees, I found that some mistakes are made either as a result of ignorance, complacency or lack of a professional training. Below are some of the mistakes employees make

1. Arriving late for meetings – Arriving late to Monday morning board meetings? Trust me, your boss will take notice of it. You might be doing a mail to the management soon explaining why you come late to meetings. In some of our banks, any lateness that occurs three times equals a debit in your salary account.

2. Sending Emails and letters in an unprofessional manner – This shouldn’t even be overlooked, it’s of great importance. Some emails or letters can be offensive to those whom it’s sent to. For example, salutation ‘Dear Sir’of ‘Dear Ma’am’ should be indicated appropriately, that is, you must know who the recipient is by doing a little research.

3. Engaging in office politics – Such as engaging in office drama, being unprofessional about how you relate with other people or keeping malice with a colleague. This can easily cost you your job.

4. Looking shabby and unprofessional – If your dressing does not correspond with office dress code, it shows your lack of responsibility. It also shows that you’re not ready for the job and no one wants to keep paying an employee who isn’t ready to work.

5. Not learning from your mistakes – If you make a mistake once, it’s a mistake, if you make a mistake twice, it’s carelessness, if you make a mistake three times, it’s a decision. Whoever has been correcting your mistakes all the while will simply get tired and will start to think of how they can move you out of the picture.

6. Being satisfied with mediocrity – You go to work to learn and to offer value. The reward that comes for the value you offer is the money you get at the end. You must then develop your capacity so that you can offer more value and move from mediocrity to excellence.

7. Having an unteachable spirit – Having an unteachable spirit is not wanting to be taught by other people. You believe that you know everything and you don’t pay attention when you’re being corrected. No one wants to have an employee who knows too much and won’t take in more.

8. Not knowing about your industry – If you do not research about your industry, you’ll lack ideas. You will be of no use in growing and advancing the company where you work. You might need to start packing your bags and prepare to leave.

9. Being a negative person – A negative person goes against every good idea offered by others. They never see the good in anything and always see and talk about things they feel will go wrong. That attitude soon spreads among others like wild fire.

10. Not working as a team – This is one of the qualities of a person with an unteachable spirit, they prefer to do things alone because of a feeling of overzealousness. Every organization wants a group of people working together for the growth of the company.

The above are not the only insurbodination employees exhibit, whatever it is, look in introspect, if you fall in any of those categories, make conscious efforts to change now.

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