How to spot bad employees

Last year, I had an opportunity to work in one of the coperate companies in the country. During the training, we were taught all kinds of things that will make us do well at work, mostly how to treat the customers that come to us, how to quickly respond to their needs and how to keep them coming back.

At the end of the training which lasted for few days, we started work immediately. On getting to work, I found that most of the things we were taught were not being carried out by the employees, in fact, they treated the customers harshly. I felt so bad because it was our own job to seek out new customers and when we eventually bring them on board, they were treated harshly by demotivated employees.

One of the staff even told me to forget what I learnt in training school and “face reality.” What an awful thing to say in your work.

I’m going to quickly highlight and briefly explain the qualities of some demotivated employees

1. They are irresponsible – They make errors and do not learn from their mistakes, they miss deadlines, they gossip and they always complain. Nothing ever looks great to them.

2. They don’t invest in themselves – They refuse to grow, they do not take trainings that will make them better.

3. They do not listen to others – They do not ask questions and have a know-it-all attitude, even though they don’t know so much. They are always above any form of correction.

4. They lack initiative – They never think of doing anything by themselves, they have to be nudged on even though they don’t take corrections. They are passive.

5. They do not treat your customers well – They are arrogant and rude to customers, they do not take customers’ complains seriously, but at the end of the month, they are expectant.

But good employees on the other hand

1. Develop themselves – They read good books, attend seminars and take courses that will enable them deliver better value.

2. Are passionate about the job – Passionate employees are proactive and carry out their duties effectively. They are also passionate about the customers and they take the job as their own.

3. They are reliable – You can count on them to do anything.

4. They accept correction – They do not grumble when corrected and they learn from their mistakes.

5. They stay positive – That is they barely complain or grumble. They do not work with a negative mindset.

Most employees do not care about their companies, they only care when the salary is delayed. As a manager or a business owner, it’s your duty to screen and filter any employee that does not seek to advance your company.

For employees, understand that you can only be successful in your career if you take your job seriously.

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