9 Things Life Taught Me

Life has taught me so many lessons. As I was reading through the internet today, I saw a post where someone was talking about how you will have learnt a number of lessons equivalent to your age. But this is not necessarily so. No matter your age, life would have taught you so many things. Some we remember, others we don’t.

Life has taught me a lot of things, some I remember some I don’t and others, I plan to share them with you.


1. SELF LOVE: Self love is really important in life if you must grow. Most times when things happen, we always mentally beat ourselves up, we get worried and worked up over things we cannot change. If you love yourself, you’ll be able to show genuine love for others and compassion too, and that’s what our society needs.

2. MINDSET: Our mindset is how we think and the things we believe to be true. You have the power to change your thoughts. If you decide to shift your thinking from negativity to positivity, things will change for you.

3. COMPARISON: Comparison is a joy killer, it makes you only see what’s on the surface. People will only show you what they want you to see. If you think being who they are or having what they have will make you happy, then you’re on the path to destruction.

4. GRATITUDE: Maybe you’re not where you want to be, but you’re certainly not where you used to be. My advice? Write down all the things you’re grateful for down in your journal. Works like magic.

5. ATTRACTION: What you believe is what you attract. So believe in the good things. The energy and emotions we put out into the world is what comes back to us.

6. BOUNDARIES: Set boundaries for yourself and don’t cross it. Know when to draw the line.

7. CHANGE: Change is inevitable, expect change and accept them when they come. Don’t be too fixated on the way things used to be, that you refuse to accept change.

8. ASSOCIATES: Not only friends but the people we associate with have a lot to do with where we’ll be in life. The people we listen to will have a great influence on our lives, so watch your friends, associates, counsellors, and acquaintances.

9. GROW: Things have changed, grow. The things you used to believe in or do has changed. Life is no longer the way it used to be so grow into it.

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