10 Things you need to let go

When you woke up this morning, you probably made some decisions. You got up, chose what to wear, chose to take your bath and get breakfast. You chose to drive to work or to stay at home and finish that piece of work.

But there are some things you didn’t choose to do because you had no power to choose them. Their happening wasn’t within you power, so you probably complained about them whined a little but you continued your tasks.

Such things like the weather, the traffic, the kids shouting in the next house (trust me it’s annoying), or whether nepa will bring light so that you can charge your phone and your laptop (laughing hard right now).

Like I mentioned previously, you’ll probably whine and grumble about it, but you’ll still get back to doing what you can do. It’s so funny though that most people spend time complaining about what they cannot change instead of focusing on what they can change.

There’s a way we stay glued to things that have no relevance in our lives or in our relationships, we cling so tightly to them. The only thing that happens when we do this is stress. We get stressed up, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I’ll name a few.

1. Worrying about the past: So you had a bad childhood and you’re making it deter you from having a fun adulthood, that’s a mistake and you need to let it go quickly.

2. Worrying about what others think: I grew up among friends who always thought that the opinions of other people mattered in their lives and this almost caused me to stumble. But after a while, I made a decision to live my life based on my own terms, I’ve been living a happy life since then.

3. Unrealistic expectations: How do you tell your spouse/ fiancé to stop spending money lavishly when you can’t do without shopping in a week? Don’t ask for what you can’t give back.

4. Insecurities: You just have to let go of your insecurities. What are you really insecure about? An imperfect body? Or inability to communicate well in public? The right thing is to work on those things you call insecurities and turn them to your strong suits.

5. A job you hate: I admit, working In a job you hate can be very depressing, I’ve been there. If you hate your job, find out what the reason of your hatred is, is it an annoying boss or a difficult colleague? You can attack that head-on.

6. Pride: Proud people never go a long way. If your pride is causing you good friendships and important relationships, the you need to let it go.

7. Unhealthy habits: If you have a bad habit you really need to let it go. If you sleep late and wake up late to prepare for work, well, you’re probably going to lose that job soon. Form good habits and do them for 30 days straight in a row, before you know it, they will become a part of you.

8. Your comfort zone: Nothing interesting happens in your comfort zone. While you’re there, you’ll be losing great chances of doing something extremely important and life changing for others, so let it go.

9. Excuses: So many people give excuses for not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I’m guilty of this, I give lame and flimsy excuses for not writing a blog post or meeting a deadline. I’ve since changed that attitude though, after I lost many opportunities.

10. Comparison: This issue of comparison cannot be overemphasized. We are all guilty of it, one way or the other. Have confidence in yourself and let self love be your driving force and you will live a good life.

There are so many other things we need to give up in life if we really want to move to our desires positions. Check yourself what are those things you’ve held on to that is dragging you back? Find out what they are and let them go.

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