How to make life changing decisions

In our lifetime, we make decisions everyday. We literally can’t move a step forward without making decisions, in fact, moving a step forward is a decision.

Some decisions are small, some may look irrelevant while others are destiny making decisions. But no matter how big or small decisions may be, they go a long way to determine how far we’ll go in life.

Deciding to eat or sleep is a decision, planning to stay up late and starve yourself is another decision. But the real destiny making decisions are

1. Where you live: The environment you live, whether you grew up there or moved in at a later time, will affect your life in so many ways. There, you will be exposed to so many things, some might open your eyes to opportunities and some others might dull your mindsets and give you bad experiences.

2. Where you work: An hostile work environment will have a very negative effect on you. Working in an hostile environment or in a place where you’re constantly being overloaded with work will stress you out and cause you to be depressed.

3. Who you marry: Someone said “It’s better to be single hoping to be married than to be married but wishing to be single again.” Who you marry has a lot to do with your destiny, don’t rush things.

The decisions you make will determine if you will be happy or not, if you’ll live in satisfaction or not. Whether we like or not, we are all servants of the decisions and the choices we make.

In decision making, there are so many factors that come into play. These factors are the instruments that influence our decisions. They are as follows:

* Your mindset, your mentality or your thought process.

* Your level of exposure, the things that you know, the things that you have experienced and the things that you have heard.

* Your upbringing; it shapes your mindsets and forms your values and beliefs.

* Your level of maturity, a child cannot reason like an adult, your level of maturity will determine the kinds of decisions you make.

* Your education or level of knowledge

* Your friends, acquaintances, counsellors or advisors.

When you want to make a decision, first

Define it – What is it? What is it about? What does it entail?

Evaluate it – Break it down, do an analysis, what effect will it make? What will it change? Will it have a positive or negative effect, if it’s negative is there an alternative?


Take action, get to work.

5 decision making strategies

– Never make a decision when you’re in haste or under pressure.

– Never make a decision when you’re overly excited or sad.

– Never make a decision based on emotions and sentiments.

– Never make a decision without thinking deeply about the options and the consequences.

– Never make decisions that end up as a waste of time.

Once again, we are all servants of the decisions and the choices we make, so make wise, life-changing decisions at all time.

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