Different Reasons People Quit

There are countless reasons people quit easily. Quitting for most people has now become a norm, it’s the next thing they do after starting something.

The problem is that very small amount of people believe that life is not a bed of roses. They give up because they expect results immediately after starting up.

Sometimes, things will not always go as expected, but we must understand that giving up is not an option.

Here are some of the reasons why people quit, I suggest you read it with a hoe and not a shovel.

1. They fear failure more than they love success

People who quit easily do so due to the fear of failure. This fear overpowers their drive for success. Failure is not the end it should only propel you to do better. See failure as an opportunity to do better, to beat your previous record.

2. They never visualize possibilities

Quitters are usually narrow minded people, they are unable to visualize success and maintain positive attitude. They are unable to see beyond their situations. If you find yourself in this situation, all you have to do is to train your mind to visualize successful outcomes.

3. They expect results immediately after starting

Even a farmer has to till the ground before planting crops and then wait for few weeks or months before he harvests, depending on the kind of crops he plants. It’s typical of quitters to expect results immediately after they get to work. Here, patience is key. If you’re patient enough, you’ll get results.

4. They dwell on their mistakes

We all make mistakes, but what makes us succeed is our ability to move on. Quitters do not learn from their mistakes instead, they dwell on it.

5. They get stuck in the past

Past failures, disappointments, mistakes or trauma can make people get stuck. Take your mind off what happened in the past and face the future, it has endless possibilities.

6. They resist change

The only constant thing in life is change, tlwhere there is no change, there’s retrogression. The thing about stagnancy is that when you think you are stagnant, you are actually retrogressing. This world itself moves forward, therefore if you are not moving forward with it, you are moving backward from it.

7. They beleieve they are weak

Quitters have to upgrade their mindset from self worthlessness to a strong self worth. Find your strength and capitalize on it.

If you’re reading this with a shovel, it means you’re reading it and shoveling the lessons away from yourself so you probably won’t take the advice, but if you’re reading with a hoe, you’re doing the opposite.

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