The Power Of Possibility Thinking

The black and white umbrellas are the community, the coloured umbrella is you…make a difference!

Possibility thinking is the disciplined separation of negative thoughts from positive thoughts~ Robert Schuller

It is the attitude of thinking that things can be achieved regardless of what is happening around you.

It is having a never-give-up attitude. Possibility thinking equips the individual by infusing an attempt at a task with positivity~anonymous

This blog post is gleaned from the book “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do” by Robert Schuller.

In the book, he stated that there are two kinds of thinkers:

i) The possibility thinkers

ii) The impossibility thinkers

The possibility thinkers are people whose thoughts hold undeveloped potentials for good. That is, they think good about any situation, even if they are faced with impossibilities. They do not quit at the sight of tough situations, they simply believe that some things are possible.

The impossibility thinkers on the flip side, do not hold any potentially good thoughts. They instinctively react negatively to situations. You can say they are negative thinkers-they impulsively reject possibility laden ideas. For some reasons, they just believe it can’t happen.

Out of these two examples, which one are you? The one who sees possibilities in every thing or the one who impulsively says no way?

Once you start to see why things won’t go right, you have become a negative thinker. There is nothing bad in analyzing a situation to see if it will produce a positive or negative outcome, but when it becomes so much that you instinctively point out negative outcomes, you have become an impossibility thinker. No one likes an impossibility thinker.

It’s quite unfortunate that in this part of the world, our mindsets have become really stereotypical that we are used to thinking negatively at all times.

The best advice I can give is, be conscious of how you react to things on a daily basis, take notice of the words you speak and be careful of your thoughts.

10 Commandments of Possibility Thinking…according to Robert Schuller

1. Never reject a possibility or an idea because you see something wrong with it. Don’t always find fault in an opportunity, don’t throw away a suggestion when you see a problem, instead isolate the problem and neutralize it.

2. Never reject a possibility because you won’t get the credit. There’s a popular saying that “You will get things done quickly if you don’t care who gets the credit.” So don’t let your decisions be based on ego but on human needs.

3. Never reject an idea because you think it is impossible. Possibility thinkers take great ideas and turn them around. Just because it’s not possible today doesn’t mean it won’t be possible tomorrow.

4. Never reject a possibility or an idea because you mind is already made up. You can change your mind, people who cannot change their minds are either perfect or stubborn and nobody is perfect. It’s better to change plans while still in port than to set sail and sink.

5. Never reject an idea because it’s illegal. This doesn’t mean that you should break the law, but creatives find their way around problems, do that in this case too.

6. Never reject an impossibility or idea because you don’t have money, manpower or muscle to achieve it. You can simply send enough time, use enough energy, develop enough human resources, acquire financial capital and you can do almost anything.

7. Never reject an idea because it will create conflict. Know that you can never develop an idea without creating problems or generating conflict. Every idea worth anything is bound to be rejected by people who don’t go along.

8. Never reject an idea because it’s not your way of doing things, learn to accommodate, and always be flexible.

9. Never reject an idea because it might fail. This life is a risk. If you don’t risk it because you think it might fail, you won’t have any chances at success.

10. Never reject an idea because you fear you are not capable. Take a go at it, give it a shot, you might just be great at it. If you think you’re not capable, I advice you to develop your capacity.

I’ll end with a quote from the writer, “Tough times become good times when our positive reaction becomes an inspiration to others.”

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