One morning, I was speaking to a group of people and I was basically talking about how to deliver value in everything we do.

One of the things I mentioned was that a person can not effectively deliver value or exude excellence if they do not engage in improving themselves.

The place of personal growth can not be occupied by anything other than personal growth. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, striving to improve yourself daily even if you’re struggling at it will pay off big time in the main time.

Few years ago, a group of indigenes started to protest that the factory where they work was occupied by over 70% non-indigenes. They bitterly complained that the non-indigenes were taking all the money that was meant for them, the bigger positions were being occupied by them and the real indigenes were left to suffer.

After so many protests and complaints, the owners of the factory finally gave in to their demands and fired all non-indigenes. The indigenes then began to get promoted to the bigger positions.

After several months, the factory started to experience a decline in production and distribution rates. Things were not going as smoothly as it did before. Turned out that the indigenes who got promoted lacked the technical know how. They simply had no capacity to carry on the job.

In no time, the factory closed up. If the indigenes had taken time to develop themselves and get acclimated with the procedures, and had not been spending time protesting and complaining, they would have continued to work in the factory.

Below are 5 things you can do that will speed up your growth

Love yourself – Self love has a lot to do with personal growth and success. If you want to improve yourself, be a better person and improve your personal growth, you must love yourself. Self love will require you to do only the things that will be beneficial to you.

For example, taking care of your health, eating healthy meals and exercising daily is a function of self love. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll refuse to exercise and you will allow fatty foods clog the pipeline of your heart.

Also, self love will require you to spend more time developing yourself mentally, training your mind and exposing yourself to edifying things. The power of self love cannot be overemphasized.

Learn something new everyday – Be deliberate about learning new things, pick up a book to read, watch educational channels, and hang out with people you can learn from. Take in new things, useful information that will produce good results in you.

Good information is pleasing to the soul. You’re trying to be deliberate about your personal growth, so be deliberate about the things that you take in.

Be focused and eliminate all distractions – If you have a lot of work to do but you waste time doing unimportant things you’re going to be distracted.

Stop letting things that are not relevant to your personal growth break your focus, concentrate on those things that matter. Cross off activities that waste time and maintain focus.

Don’t follow the crowd, go your own lane – It is a good idea to take notice of other people’s advice and consider how helpful it will be to you. But it becomes bad when you start to do what someone else says just to make them happy or letting the opinion of others lead you.

Don’t follow the crowd, do what you feel is best for you and go your own lane.

Learn from other people’s success as well as failures – It’s true that you cannot live longer to make all the mistakes that we could learn from. We must also learn from other people’s mistakes.

As much as its important to learn from other people’s success, it’s also imperative that you learn from other people’s failures.

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