What have you been feeding your fears?

Fear feeds on so many things in our lives. There are certain things that we do that make us susceptible to fear. Fear is an enemy of faith and it cripples our confidence and rules at the center point of our lives.

Fear expresses itself in self doubt, and materializes as worry and anxiety. Unfortunately, many people have grown accustomed to fear and worry, it has become their most common mindset and they live comfortably with it.

John Mason once said “Fear and worry are interests paid in advance of something that we may never own.” If we only view our future from a position of fear and worry, then we are in the wrong.

Our fear is strengthened by what we feed it with

*Fear feeds on perfectionism: If you have a task to do and all you can think of is creating a master piece, you are indirectly inviting fear into your heart. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing a good job and creating a perfect work. But if you let the need to be perfect drive you and not leave a room for mistakes, then the fear of not being able to deliver will drive you nuts.

*Fear feeds on negativity: A negative mindset opens the heart to fear. It is the ladder that fear climbs into your life and rules at the center point of it. Having negative thoughts creates negative pictures in the mind which then opens the door for fear to come in.

*Fear feeds on inaction: An idle mind is a good hideout for fear. Failure to engage our body and mind in good activities makes us susceptible to fear. You begin to doubt yourself because you have remained idle for long. The easiest way to deteriorate in value is to stay out of work for so long, so engage your mind and your hands. Stop living a passive life.

*Fear feeds on indecision: So many people are living their lives with a sense of indecision. They have refused to move on because they do not know the outcome of any step they take. Fear of the unknown has caused a lot of people to live passive lives and not fully embrace their reward.

There are other things that our fears feed on. It’s vital that we find the time to check what we have been feeding them and let go of those things.

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