Keep Calm And Bless Others


We cannot completely live a fulfilled life if we do not take it upon ourselves to help others. loving others will require us to go the extra mile to do things that will highly benefit them. Love always require action and that action can be expressed by giving to those in need, sharing with them and even serving them in any way that we can.

Our ability to show genuine love to other people is birthed from our ability to love ourselves. A person who is full of love will be able to express love to other people, you cannot give what you do not have. Showing love, expressing love either through or actions or through our words is highly influenced by our ability to love ourselves. Therefore, it starts with first loving yourself.

More often than not, we are so preoccupied with our cares and concerns that we completely forget that there are people who could use our help. Many people are going through hell each day and it could take just a kind word of encouragement or a little show of love to make their day. Do your best to extend love to other people even if it means going a little extra. This is different from displeasing yourself to please others or going beyond your boundaries to make people feel good. Let there be balance in all that you do.

You may ask, how then should I help other people? How can I show love or extend a helping hand? Well there are so many ways, for example

1. Give to someone who has less than you- In this part of the world, it has become easy to see people who have way less than you do. People who rely on alms to go through the day, they are either roaming the streets or sitting at the bus stop. Whether you think they are ‘For real’ or not, do give them something. Last month, my sister and I bought a carton of biscuits and a pack of sweets each, went to the bus stop closest to us that is packed with alms beggars and distributed it. The little kids were jumping at us and the men and women simply waited for their turns. It put a smile on their faces and we were glad that it did. This month, we are doing it again. A carton of biscuit and a pack of sweets costs us little to nothing.

2. Help out a needy neighbour- Now ever since I turned a good samaritan, I have been scanning my area to see who I can help among my neighbours. WARNING! not all neighbours will be cheerful towards you as you pack your unsued clothes into a box and go to their houses neither will they receive your plate of rice with a happy face, this is not America, be wise. Some people are in need but feel that it is below them to collect from other people. The poor are still poor because of their mentality. Just try your best to extend an helping hand without causing commotion on your street.

3. Help someone reach their short term goal- I remember few years back, a friend of mine started a dry cleaning business. He knew all there was to know about dry cleaning, but he lacked the  business acumen. One day he went to a seminar for people who wanted to startup a business and after all the things they taught, the speaker made mention of the fact that a budding entrepreneur must read 2-3 books per month on business, skill development or personal development. So the idea was to make him become a reader. So I drafted a plan and he was to read 4 chapters a day until he became a voracious reader. I made sure that at the end of the day, he called me to explain all the information he had gotten from the book that could help him. Now, he is an addicted book hoarder. And in addition to that, his dry cleaning business is thriving.

4. Take a colleague out for lunch- Maybe one of your colleagues is cranky and snapping at every one. Instead of showing disgust or completely ignoring them, you can take them out for lunch. No one ever refuses a free lunch. There, you can find out what is wrong and you may help, if it is within your power.

5. Help your boss ease his work load- One of the qualities of a good employee is to deliver better and beyond what is expected. If you are an employee and you have to be micro managed to do the tasks given to you because you are not capable enough, then you are not helping the organization. You were employed so that you can ease the workload off someone’s table. Sometimes, after managing the activities of the day and ensuring that employees have done their work, some business owners are left with more work load on their table. I know how happy we become at the close of the day, but if you could spend an extra hour to help your employer out, it will put a smile on his face and will even help you when you startup your own business.

6. Put a smile on your spouse’s face- A lot of women love it when their husband does a little something extra for them. It replenishes their love and trust me, when you have a woman’s love, you will find things interesting. But this should also go to the women too. Put a smile on your husband’s face and you go out a little extra for him. Spousal love should work bot ways.

Remember that, showing love to other people is what makes love flow through us and we cannot completely love others without first loving ourselves.

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