Entrepreneur’s corner: 7 Things You Do That Make You Lose Sales


From marketing your business, following a sales lead, to profit making, every entrepreneur’s dream is so see their business succeed. Without profit making, no business can thrive, it will run down within the first year. But the surprising thing is, since sales and profit making is the dream of every entrepreneur, some people still take their sales pitch carelessly giving nonchalant attitude toward it.

These are 10 things sales agents/entrepreneurs do that ruin their sales/sales pitch:

1. Trying to sell to everyone- Imagine trying to sell hair and beauty products to male prospects. You would just be wasting both your time and those gentlemen’s time. It is imperative that you have a target market. This helps you streamline your marketing procedures and makes you concentrate your sales toward that market. Let your sales and marketing materials be targeted at them. Don’t pitch to bad prospects, learn and recognize prospect’s body language and respond effectively. If it is a bad lead, move on.

2. Being too pushy- I once had a customer who was interested in buying some stuff I uploaded online. I got her contact and began to call her consistently. She showed interest quite alright, but she wasn’t exactly ready to buy. One day, I showed up on her doorstep unannounced. That was the end, it was a bad way to sell. She had parted with her address but we hadn’t concluded on the price and date of delivery. I was overly pushy. Also, your sales should be all about solving their problems not just putting money in your own pocket. Be wise!

3. Dishonesty- The pressure to make sales can make you over promise your customers and then when it is time to deliver, you totally flop. Being dishonest makes you lose your integrity and your business runs the risk of being bad mouthed. If you have promised your customers free delivery, and then at the point of delivering, you ask for an extra amount, then you have gone back on your word. That’s dishonesty.

4. Not listening to your customers- If your sales pitch is all talk and if you fail to listen to your clients, things will turn out really badly for you. No one cares about your company or about who you are. So when you go out to drive in sales, do not start talking about how wonderful your company is or how beautiful your product is, they don’t care about all of that. All your customers or prospects care about is how your beautiful company can meet their needs and the problems it can solve for them.

5. Un-professionalism- Everything from your marketing materials, sales pitch and even dress sense must exude professionalism. Your sales and marketing agents must be well trained, they must have a good knowledge of the business and they must be able to express themselves in good and clear grammar. As a sales agent, avoid poaching the clients of another sales agent from the same company. Doing this will only confuse your customers and show disunity in the company.

6. Tearing down competitors-Studying competitors in order to improve on your own business is a good idea, but tearing them down in front of prospects only proves how low you are and how far you can go to drive money into your bank account. Instead, improve the quality of your products and services and talk more about what you offer that is better than theirs. If a customer tries to compare you with competitors, simply tell them how better your business is and how it can meet their most pressing needs.

7. Failure to prepare- Preparation precedes manifestation. It is bad luck to go out unprepared, especially when you’re going after a sales lead. The more prepared you are, the more confidently you will perform. Do your sales pitch in front of the mirror if you can. Think of questions you could be asked and think of answers to those questions. Make sure that you have versed yourself adequately.

Get that customer and get a credit alert.

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