10 Habits That Will Make Your Life Easier

Few weeks ago, a friend of mine started to fall sick, and he was eventually admitted into the hospital.

Not to bore you with the details, we found out that he had been working his ass off for close to three months. He had a demanding job and he worked during the weekends as a voice trainer.

He never really had time to rest, even on Sundays, he worked as a voice over artist and was always recording in church among other zillion activities.

To cut the long story short, I swooped in to save the day. First, I made him explain all that he did that usually occupied his time, and then I broke them down and saw that he failed to unwind. He had no go-to activity for relaxation.

After I worked my magic, I came out with 10 things he could actually do that will make his life better and make work easier for him.

I’ve taken my time to discuss them below:

1. Wake up early at the same time everyday- My friend worked in a location a bit far from home so he woke up early everyday. As time went on, he began to find it difficult to sleep, he slept really late and woke up really early. Eventually he became a nocturnal. Lack of sleep has a lot of disadvantage (although sleeping late means more late night movies), but I strictly advice against that. Your brain hardly rests and it doesn’t get recharged for the next day. That’s why you become cranky and fatigued. Get enough sleep, sleep pretty early and wake up early, it rejuvenates you. Also, there’s something about routine, your body gets acclimated with your sleep time table and maintains it for a long time.

2. Meditate – Most people either do this early in the morning or as the last thing before bed. There’s no time that is not good for meditation. But meditating in a noisy place, or during work hours or when you have a workload or a deadline ahead of you is not the best way to go. Meditation helps you to look in introspect, retrospect and forsee future activities.

3. Declutter – Human beings are usually inclined to cluttering. Get things off your table, your room or your life by decluttering. My friend had a lot of old tools he used when he worked as a house painter. Now he’s not into painting anymore, but he still has the equipments he used over 8 years ago. I generously donated those equipments to a neighbour. Get rid off your unused items, donate them today!

4. Eat well – Junks are extremely popular meals in the life of every human being. They are so popular, that you find them in every fridge, kitchen, dining and office tables, on the shelves and every other secret place people hide it. Doing healthy meals is notably the most important thing in the life of every individual, you need to eat healthy so that you can live long. That’s my take!

5. Plan out your day in advance – If you are an employee, it’s alright to plan your day. Yes you’ll be at your job but you need to plan the activities you would be doing, where you would be after work and what you intend to do at every point in time. But if you work for yourself, and you are usually on the road, plan out your day extensively in advance. Also, plan out your activities for that day and the things you will do to get them done. This takes me to my next point.

6. Keep a journal – A lot of people do not know the importance of keeping a journal. It’s not news to us anymore the gravity of keeping a note and pen around you at all times. The faintest ink will forever remain on paper than the strongest memory will remain in our heads. Those activities and plans that you will carry out for the day would be written on the journal, so you get to check on them when you’re carrying out your activities.

7. Set SMART goals – All I will say is set Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Relevant and Timely goals.

8. Cut back on social media – Except you are a social media intern and all, don’t be too submerged in social media. Give yourself a break, have a good sleep instead. Don’t be bewildered or dismayed by what you see on social media. Some of them are just for the gram. Live your own life outside instagram and let others envy you.

9. Go for a walk – A lot of people like to go for a walk to clear their heads. Others like to drive around. Find what works for you and practice it. In my friend’s case, he leaves one workload and does another to clear his head. Not healthy.

10. Unsubscribe from irrelevant emails – This last one is actually for me. When I get up in the morning and after doing all I intend to do, I check my mails, 95% are junk mails. I’ve since become careful about putting out my email address out there everytime.

My friend is recovering now, (thanks for asking) and he’s closely monitored by some of us.

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