Developing A Growth Mindset

Change is constant, but growth is not automatic, in case you’ve not heard that before, it’s absolutely true. If you badly want to see things change for you, you must by yourself initiate that change.

There are many reasons why you are probably not experiencing the best in what you do or why you are limited in certain areas of life or why you do not have a growth mindset.

Your mind has been conformed to think in a certain kind of way. That is, you have a fixed mindset. Having a fixed mindset is deadly, it keeps you from experiencing positive changes, and prevents you from growing.

For example, believing that men are all the same just because you had your heart broken will prevent you from having the best relationship because of the fixed idea you have about men. Or the believe that the only way you can have many followers on social media is by posting unclad photos, you won’t really enjoy decent social media and you won’t grow followers. All these are because your mindset is fixed.

Once in a while, question your beliefs and ideas. Throw open your mind and be bent on bringing in to your mind, the newest set of thoughts or ideas and you’ll experience a growth mindset.

Here are some other ways to develop a growth mindset

1. Don’t try so hard to seek for approval: Sometimes your problem could be that you’re looking for approval from someone. You need someone to approve of your actions or even your personality. So many people are guilty of this, they could be unconsciously looking for the approval of their friends, their partner or spouse or from their parents. You don’t need anyone’s consent to live your own life, so instead of seeking for approval, live a lifestyle that will make them want to associate with you. Tell yourself that you’re the most important person in your life first, before anyone else, and making YOU happy is priority.

2. Acknowledge your weakness: Whatever your weakness is, find it out, acknowledge it and embrace it. Don’t live in denial of it. Instead, work your butt off to turn it into strength. But don’t fall prey of capitalizing on your weakness, like most people do. They let their weaknesses discourage them, giving them a limited view of their strengths. Find ways to convert your weakness into strength.

3. Make learning a prioprity: Countless times, people have testified that learning a skill or any other kind of learning has helped them overcome and break the barrier of their limiting thoughts. I can attest to that, most people, like me, find solace in reading or learning something new. It enhances our mind and broadens our knowledge. Learning helps your fixed beliefs transform into a positive change. Your mindset begins to change as you grow.

4. Learn from other people’s mistakes: This is where mentorship comes in. You need to befriend someone who is well established in your field. When you do so, prioritize learning over anything else. Don’t be too quick to adopt their methods, but learn from them first and by so doing, you’ll learn from their mistakes too.

5. View challenges as opportunities: Human beings are naturally inclined to fold under pressure or to panic in the face of challenges. If you want to have a growth mindset, see every challenge as opportunities.

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