Does Your Life Suck? Do These 5 Things

Do you think you’re the only one feeling like your life sucks? A lot of people are walking around depressed, filled with sadness and worry. They seem to have lost hope. Their lives have taking a turn for the worse and it looks like there’s nothing they can do about it.

Life gives you what you negotiate and not what you think you deserve. It’s time you begin negotiating your way out of this dysthymia because man is a slave of his decisions and choices. So in actual fact the pattern of your life is a result of the choices you make.

These 5 steps will help to ‘Unsuck’your life

1. Help others – If you’re feeling down and out and depression seem to be taking over, get out and look for someone who is in need. Results have shown that by putting a smile on other people’s faces, you have a chance of getting completely out of depression, especially if you do it regularly.

2. Love Yourself – This is not the stingy-me-alone-selfish love most people do, but the self love that helps you value and appreciate yourself. Trying to please yourself at the expense of other people’s happiness is an error. But having a good sense of worth helps you treat others better. So be your own cheer leader.

3. Never live above your income – So you earn little to nothing, and you’ve been able to survive for so long. But immediately your income increased, you automatically became bigger than you earn. Most people are victims of these high expenditure, low income standard of living. Never live above your means, manage yourself in such a way that, you won’t live in poor conditions but at the same time, you won’t live an extravagant lifestyle.

4. Be yourself – Never paint a wrong image of yourself to people. Don’t try to let people see you as more than you are, be humble and live right. Don’t live a fake life simply because you want to be celebrated. Embrace who you are and don’t lie about yourself.

5. Stay abreast of things – Spend ample time getting acclimated with the happenings around you, especially in your industry but not limited to that alone. Read books, journals, news magazines, fashion magazines etc. Read stuff online. I’m not asking you to devote your time to scrolling through instagram looking for gossip news but read worthy news. Watch movies, know your country’s politics. Just don’t be ignorant of the happenings around you.

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