Why your company isn’t landing clients: my first hand experience

First and foremost, understand that there is power in packaging. By packaging, I mean branding your company or products professionally, being intentional about how you attend to clients and how your company looks through the public eye.

How you look on the outside matters as much as on the inside. Trust me when I say, customers can quickly make up their minds either to buy from you or not, to work with you or not and even to associate with your organization in the first place or not as soon as they step into your office. Be intentional about aesthetics. Be intentional about the small things.

Your interior decoration should speak volumes, keeping professionalism in mind. Beauty will attract first, then value will make them stay. The place of packaging can never be replaced or over emphasized.

Few days ago, I went in search of a computer training institute here in Lagos. I had two places in mind. The first place, as I was told, had global recognition, it came with a lot of good recommendations. Word of mouth was also on point.

I logged on to their website and got their contact details. But to my surprise, the major phone number on their website was–wait for it–a wrong number. I kept trying for days, same thing. The other phone numbers just rang off the hook, no one picked it.

I logged on to the other institute’s website and after calling for 2 days, they finally picked. I then booked an appointment with them and went to their office.

I decided to go to the office of the first institute I called, yeah the one with a wrong number on their website, not that I had intention of enrolling with them (trust me, I was furious) but to inform them of that error and take my leave. As I entered, I totally forgot about the number issue. I was ushered to a seat, I sunk in into the most amazing and comfy chair in the world. The air conditioning was sincerely cool. The office was really great, nice sitting arrangements, bright lightning and even a tv.

The walls were nearly painted and scents of beautiful smelling air fresheners filled the air. The serene environment could make you forget all your worries.

I waited for my turn and I was attended to by softly speaking ladies with correct tenses. I then told them about the incorrect phone number on their website, and they promised to do something about it (I made enquiries too). I dropped my phone number and email and I left. As I was leaving, I got a thank you message on both my phone and email. I was really pleased with all that I saw.

I headed for the second one, which wasn’t far away. From the entrance into the compound, I knew I wouldn’t like what I saw. As I got closer, I could see water dripping from the roof of the building and it washed away a particular segment of the painted building. The paints were already old and peeling off themselves.

The entrance into the building itself was filled with a puddle, so you literally have to jump over it to enter into the building. As I climbed the stairs, I didn’t see anything pointing me to where I was going, because there were different offices in the building, same as the first one. I found my way to the door and managed to push my way inside. I sat down quietly at the reception, there and then, I made up my mind where I was going to enroll.

I was attended to by the receptionist and they spoke softly too with good grammar, I made enquiries, gave them my contacts and left. Even after I got home hours later, I still didn’t receive any thank you message, or anything else from them until last night.

Now, the fact is, the two institutes came with good recommendations and ranked top in google’s search pages. But the condition I met them when I went visiting was what made up my mind.

This is how most companies who have refused to be deliberate about their looks, even though can deliver value, lose prospects. Everybody wants good things just know how to put those good things up for them to see.

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