Everyday Habits That Drain Our Energy

I’ve decided to write this post because of what I’ve been going through these past few weeks. These things that I’m going through came by my own hands, I’ve been living without disciplining myself for a while now and the results are devastating.

I made up my mind few years ago to be disciplined and make sure that every activity I get involved in add to me and develop me in a good way, but for the past month, the reverse has been the case.

Sometimes, we blame other people or some situations, for what is happening to us. We quickly blame the environment for the bad day that we are having, but most of the time, we are the cause of our heaviness and bad days. In actual fact, we ourselves have or are doing some things that is dissipating our energy.

1. Overthinking: Thinking too much has no advantage at all. In fact, when we over think, we shut our creative power out and we are unable to visualize an outcome to our situations. It happens when we analyze, comment or repeat the same thoughts over and over again. It paralyzes our actions and opens the door to worry.

2. Overstressing: Usually, we are shuffling so many things at a time, running here and there and trying to meet up with our targets. This too is a major energy drainer. If you run a business, hire capable hands to run it while you supervise them. If you work in a paid employment, set goals for your job, do the right thing at the right time and do what is expected of you.

3. Trying To Please Others: When you try so hard to please other people, you will end up displeasing yourself. Sometimes if you try so hard, you’ll end up doing the wrong thing. It’s quite alright to help others do the best you can do, but whatever you will do for someone that will stop your own journey is not helping, it’s wasting time.

4. Spending Too Much Time On Social Media: This is absolutely tiring. The time spent on social media is supposed to be used to do other productive things. When you eventually put down your phone to do other stuff, you’ll become tired and uninterested. Social media should be for when you’re in your free time or waiting time. Not when you’re supposed to be working.

5. Poor Diet: You need all the energy you can get if you want to live a great and healthy life. Not feeding well is definitely not the right way to go.

Poor eating habits such as over eating, under eating, not eating balanced diets, consuming too many fast foods, and taking unnecessary amount of alcohol. This impairs our daily health and well being, preventing us to live a good life.

6. Sleeping and Waking up Late: For the past few weekends and weekdays, I’ve been doing this to myself. I’ve always stressed this in some of my posts, I’m an highly nocturnal individual.

Sleeping late gives me joy. That’s the time I have to read and write without distractions. When I wake up the next day, it’s usually very late. I feel used and depressed too. Definitely not a healthy way to live.

7. Spreading or Believing in Gossips: No matter which side you’re on, either it is spreading gossips or believing rumours, you are doing the wrong thing. Gossips/rumours can spoil your day and they don’t even have to be about you. If you spend your time listening to or spreading rumours, you would have used up other times that you could have been using for more productive things.

Writing this post has made me realize all what I’m doing wrong that are not even in this post and I’m taking huge steps to stop them. Do the same too and let me know how it’s working out for you.

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