Emotional Exhaustion; Warning signs


Emotional exhaustion is a state of feeling emotionally worn-out as a result of stress from personal life or work life, and it’s one of the major signs of a burn out. Many people suffer from emotional exhaustion, and the warning signs are always there but they do not take notice of it. Emotional exhaustion doesn’t just creep up on you, signs of burn out would have been showing up, you just didn’t pay attention to it.

There are many signs of emotional exhaustion, they are written below. I hope that after you have read it, you will begin tot take notice of it and you would stop waving them aside. If you know what they are, then you would also be able take notice of it if you spot it in other people.
Here are 5 signs of emotional exhaustion
1. You Have Trouble Sleeping At Night- On an ordinary night, you are usually fast asleep as soon as you lay on the bed, but these past few nights, you have been stirring in your sleep. That’s a sign that you are exhausted emotionally. Maybe you aren’t but your spouse/partner/friend is, but you can only notice if you are paying attention to them, check on them too.
2. You Are Always Exhausted- I remember when I suffered from a job burn out, I always woke up feeling spent and weary like I hadn’t slept for days. But when it was time to actually sleep, it just wouldn’t come. I continued like this for months until I decided that enough was enough. The point is that you have to decide that you are through with burn out and then you are through.
3. You Get Irritated Very Quickly- The funny remarks and teasing that you used to receive from your friends now gets on your nerves so quickly. Slight mistakes and even the tone of your voice now sends you over the edge and rage overcomes you. This, my friend, is a major sign of emotional exhaustion.
4. You Suffer From Health Problems- The body responds to consistent stress, and it results into different health problems, from severe headaches and heart burns to joint pains. When you start to feel consistent pains, check yourself, you are probably suffering from depression.
5. You Start To Feel Hopeless- Burnout makes you start to feel like there is nothing you can do to improve your situation, and so you tend to focus more on the negative things. But this is not true. Your situation can improve, there’s always a solution for every problem only if you are willing to seek for solution.
Ways By Which You Can Improve Your Situation
1. Seek professional help- There are medical doctors, psychologists and other people who you can seek help from. Seeking professional help for emotional exhaustion is a good step to improving your situation.
2. Speak to people about your situation- Speak to family and friends, let them know what you are going through. If it can be shared, it can be solved.
3. Take A Break From Your Job- Maybe ask for leave, go for vacation or resign from work completely. You get to decide that. Don’t ever think that your job is more important than your state of health. If you continue to work despite the exhaustion, your health will fail you.

Remember, nobody is immune to emotional exhaustion, so as you take steps to improve yourself and get better, don’t forget to check up on your friends and family and help them to take notice of all these too.

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