When To Develop Your Listening Skills

If you’re one who deals with people, especially clients on a daily basis, you need to develop good istening skills so that you can deliver better value to your customers and be able to solve their problems.

People tend to be able to detect if you are actually listening genuinely or just listening to pass time, and trust me, the latter can be detrimental to your personal image.

A lot of us go through life aching to have our concerns acknowledged and to get our voices heard, that most of the time, we fail to listen to other people. This is why listening to people is relevant in order to achieve success in whatever you do.

Here are 6 ways where listening genuinely is the most important thing to do:

1. When Dealing With Clients: The success of every business lies on these set of people. Without clients, you are not running a business. You might have the best products and your services might be top of the world, but if you don’t listen to your clients and solve their problems, you’ll be doing business for yourself.

Many successful businesses are so today because they listened to their customers and put their needs into consideration before launching any new project.

2. When Dealing With Your Employees: For your company to stay relevant, and remain in business, you must listen to your employees. They are all important for the success of your business. Once your employees begin to feel that their voices are not heard, their level of productivity drops. So you want to make sure that you listen to them and acknowledge their concerns.

3. When You’re An Employee: You must listen to your bosses if you really want to be of value to them. You must understand that as an employee, you are paid to deliver results and not to take part in activities. Listen to your employers so that you will know what they require you to do at all times. That’s the only way to be valuable in your workplace.

4. When You’re Starting Something New: When you’re joining a new club, starting a new business or becoming a new member of a group, you must not be tempted to talk about yourself all the time. Ask questions and pay close attention when your questions are being answered. Don’t make a fool of yourself chatting idly when you’re supposed to be listening.

5. When You’re Having A Misunderstanding: At this point, exchanging blows is not the best way to go. Instead of being defensive, put aside your resistance and concentrate on what they are saying. Healthy communication is necessary to build good relationships.

When you truly listen to a person, you you meet their needs and connect with them in a very special way.

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2 thoughts on “When To Develop Your Listening Skills

  1. Awesome word for my day today. Being listened to is what everyone desires but listening to others is what most of us can not do. Thanks for that woman of Impact.

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