How To Build Your Personal Brand

There is a need to build a brand for yourself as an individual. Personal Branding stems from the fact that the success of any organization largely depends on the individuals in that organization.

Your personal brand is what distinguishes you from the crowd. You may be looking for how to gain recognition in your organization, how to stand out among your colleagues /class mates or you probably want to be different from the rest of the people you’re surrounded with.

If this is your objective, then you may want to distinguish yourself by highlighting certain qualities that you display.

In marketing, professional marketers tend to distinguish their products or services by showing off the many different qualities of such products, the unique selling point their products exhibit.

You too can do that. Start by being deliberate about:

1. Your Appearance: You might be thinking that being good at your job or being skilled in your craft is all that matters, you’re wrong. If you dress down, you’ll be doing a bad thing to your brand. We all know the popular saying that ‘You’re addressed the way you’re dressed,’ well it’s true.

If you want to be taken as a serious professional in your field, your sense of dressing matters. Keep your hair neat and tidy, and except your occupation demands it, don’t keep ridiculous hair styles. Be careful about following trends, how you look says a lot about your brand.

2. Your Attitude: Now, no matter how well dressed you are and how tidy you appear to be, if your attitude is bad, you won’t go far. People usually say that looks attract, but attitude determines how long the attraction will be. How do you address people? What’s your reaction when you’re given extra tasks at work? How do you respond to friends when they step on your toes? Are you one who usually quarells with the bus driver if your balance isn’t complete? Do you have a nasty attitude?

Personal branding is all about being intentional about your daily activities. Little things say a whole lot in personal branding.

3. Your Personality: Build for yourself a good reputation, become a person of value and integrity. Only say and do things that are laudable. If you stop to think about tweaking your integrity, your personal brand will be on the line. How do you want people to see you? How do you come across?

This does not mean you have to pretend and be different on the outside. But it tells you to be good on the outside as well as you are on the inside.

All of these qualities are crucial to building a long lasting personal brand. However, it’s not enough to dress well and have a great attitude. There are other aspects to building a personal brand.

*Get Better At What You Do – Give your occupation all of your best. Be the best in what you’re doing and gain good popularity in your niche. Give clients the best of your services. You may need to either take more classes to brush up your skills, watch more YouTube videos or attend trainings, the point is to get better and build your personal brand.

*Build Leadership Into Your Brand – Leaders are born, leaders are made. If you were not born a leader, make yourself one. But making yourself a leader is not by jumping into or aspiring for leadership positions, but by doing things that will make you seen as a potential leader. If you spot a problem and proffer solutions to it, you’ll come across as a leader. Respect other people, and approach work with possibilities.

*Tweak Your Personal Style – There are some habits you must kill if you want to be a successful brand and there are some new habits you must develop. One of them is to develop good work and ethical habits that you can inject into your personal style that will increase your productivity.

*Live Healthy – What’s a personal brand without a good health? To start a good personal brand today, you need all the energy you can get. You need to start eating well, sleeping and exercising too. You must get up in the morning with a good spirit and loads of energy, and when you retire to bed, you must not feel all used up.

The earlier you start to build a personal brand, the more successful it becomes. Building a personal brand is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, you get many many benefits.

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