Becoming A Better You: Tips To becoming Better Everyday

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Becoming better should always be your objective each morning when you wake up from bed. In this clime, there are diverse challenges people face everyday. For example, I woke up on the good side of bed today, and I decided that I’m not going to, no matter how hard they try, quarrel with Lagos bus drivers that spill muddy water over my body as I head to class.

Nevertheless, because of my resolution to be a good person, I only quarreled with one driver (laughing out really loud). But really, it’s no joke. There are countless of challenges that we face everyday that make us do what isn’t right and what could hurt another person. But this is not a good enough reason to decide not to be good and become better each day.

Below, I’ve highlighted 5 things that I do everyday that make me better as the day go by:

1. I Analyze My Day- So when I go to bed, and I mean after doing all the house chores that might prevent me from darting out of the house the next morning with the speed of light, I analyze my day. In order words, I look in retrospect, I find out things that worked and things that didn’t, the people I spoke with that were able to add value to my life one little way or another, the things that I managed to do well and the mistakes that I made. Sometimes, I try to think back on the action I took that I got from a book and then check whether it was profitable for me or not. I do this for 15 minutes or more.

2. I Collect Ideas- Basically, inspiration from something. Ideas move really fast out of the mind that if you take too long to put them down, they are gone for life (except by divine intervention). Usually, I write them down, other times, especially when they just jump at me (and when I’m not in the public), I record them on my phone with sound recorder.

3. I Read- I’m sure you must have been expecting this point. I am a book freak (paper backs). In fact, if you read through my About Me page, you’ll get the full gist. What reading does to the mind is “unexplainable,’ trust me, I’ve tried to explain to a lot of people. What I can say is, it opens the mind and transforms you from mediocre to exceptional. *Drops mike*

4. I Try To help- One day, a bus driver dropped the entire passengers at two bus stops away from the garage. We were furious with him, those who could rained curses at him, the rest of us politely alighted with fury. Just as I got to the front, I bought a bottle of drink from a petty trader. She rejected my money because it was looking like a dilapidated building (do the math). I brought out another one and she collected it. At the end of the transaction, she didn’t have enough change. Instead of collecting back the money, which she expected that I would do, I collected the drink and the change. Her prayers were still ringing in my head after I had left.

5. I Pray- This is the first thing I do every morning and last thing at night. Prayer is absolutely important. We serve a God that hears and fulfills, the best thing we can do is to ask Him in faith. Sealing and securing your day with prayer is the best way to go.

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